Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Answer to AntiFa Violence

Spray Paint - LUMINOUS spray paint.

Delivered in paintgun form.

No need to get close. No need to get within a dangerous distance.

Just have a few people stationed at strategic points, and aim.

You will ruin their clothing, make it difficult for them to melt away in the dark, and raise the cost of engaging in a little "harmless" street action against the "Fashists" (really, mostly Normal people fed up with their $hit).

The Black kids, especially, will go NUTS. Even a minor injury to their AntiFashion can drive them insane.

Deliberately defacing their quite expensive clothing will make them cry.

Plus, if they try to re-use the now-splattered clothing, they will be more identifiable as individuals.


No more of this crap.

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