Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano?

Yeah, it sure does look as though Our Beloved Overlords are.

One point this post makes strikes me as a realistic assessment:

To enjoy mass support, a revolt needs to have a legitimate grievance – something egregious most folks can sympathize with. It also has to enrage people on a moral level – beyond what than they can’t bury in escapism and creature comforts…

…well, you don’t get much more sympathetic than “stealing elections.” And the powers that be have Bubba’s undivided attention now – and not in a good way. All the energy that was going into Sports (ratings dead), Movies (pandemic dead), and Video Games (SJW infected and dying), is getting channeled into Joe-Six-Pack contemplating who he needs to shoot to stop Tranny-Story-Hour and get his kid’s football season running again.

The small creature comforts tip the scales in the end. And those are being strangled by the fools who benefit most from them. The accumulation of one-thousand slights adds up over time. Every cruel cut and overreach remembered – until no amount of escapism, avoidance and appeasement can suppress the anger. Particularly when the left’s cultists have made those avenues deliberately unbearable.

The thing people on the Left (and those Leaning that way) don't get - we're MORE informed than they are about basic things.

 We've actually READ the Constitution. We're familiar with the original words, AND how they were intended by the signers. We don't depend on getting pre-digested opinions, or News-Lite. They do. So, when we refer to the 2nd Amendment, our understanding is solid.

Oh, sure, there are always fringe-y people, on both sides. On our side, generally, are the "US currency is not based on gold/silver, therefore I don't have to pay taxes" folks. We nod, and look to sidle away at the first opportunity.

They have the wild-eyed crazies, too. I neither blame them for that, nor assume that they represent the thinking of the average person on the Left.

But, aside from those people, they really are ignorant of actual news. If it wasn't on the Official Media, it didn't happen. So, when you reference Clive Bundy, they just give you blank looks. A very few may respond, "Isn't he that guy that killed a lot of people?" The actual circumstances - an armed standoff with no casualties - is NOT known.

They honestly believe that the theft of the election did not happen. After all, everyone they know agrees that there is no proof - and the few pieces of evidence that might tend to call that opinion into question have been de-bunked. Completely.

So, concede already. Biden IS the President. Any objection to that is TREASON and TYRANNY.

Every day, more evidence is uncovered that, not only is the theft obvious, but that China may have been behind much of it, and a whole lot more.

They're sitting there, like this:

I'm sick at heart; many in my family are complacent and uncaring. They will not act - unless they get threatened or very uncomfortable.

And, then, it may be too late.

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Col. B. Bunny said...

I've recently had an extended exchange with a great guy but a committed lefty. There's no reaching him. I sent him ten pages of links and snippets about election irregularities (without representing them as being verified by God) reported at different sites. Response was that the sharpie-used-to-mark-the-ballot allegation was ridiculous and, anyway, the NYT had looked into it and found that there's nothing wrong with the elections. The sharpie deal wasn't even one of the problems I listed.

I know the immediate leftist "narrative" was "what electoral fraud?" but I don't understand how a non-activist lefty immediately clung to that like a life raft. If, what, 800K ballots are mailed out and 1.5M comeback I don't know about you but that's an amazing allegation and sort of a kinda clue that major chicanery is afoot.

I don't deny inconvenient defects in the understanding and leadership ability of Trump. I can give a five-minute speech about where he's fallen down and been smitten by an odd paralysis. But I can make an assessment of the man without screening out facts that suggest he's not a perfect chief executive and not any kind of a savior. My friend, however, is in denial, like Igor in "Young Frankenstein" and his hump.

My contemporaries (Boomers) all tell the same story about their ultra-liberal kids who will NOT admit that the last century was a hideous slaughter brought about by the total state, and some not-so-total states.