Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Rule by scumbags.

What is so significant about the U.S. election; what is so significant about the last four topsy-turvy years in Washington, has been the casting aside of all illusion of democracy, and the blunt demonstration that real power is exercised by a clique of billionaires. Europeans with little by way of independent news may be the last to notice. But for sure, China, Russia, Latin America – and the Middle East, which has suffered the most from America’s and Europe’s ‘moral’ sieges and wars – have taken due note. They will not further put up with European or American moral hectoring.

We may look back, and conclude that the post-war era effectively came to its end on 3 November.[1]

Highly recommended.

[1] "Europe's Machiavellian Moment." By Alastair Crooke, ZeroHedge, 12/22/20.

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