Thursday, December 17, 2020

So, What is Our Future?

 I'm NOT accepting that it's over - I'm kind of a hardhead that way.

We may not win the still-contested election(s), but this is NOT over.

So, what can we do from here on?

  1. Prep. Make our plans, based on the likelihood of The Left doing their damnedest to strip away all our assets, by hook or crook - mostly CROOK. Find your 'bug-out' last-ditch place. 
    1. Pick a place where you are known, preferably. Have kin/friends nearby, and some relationships with the local cops/deputies. In a pinch, that may save you from legal actions designed to take away your stuff/freedom.
    2. Spend some time there. Volunteer (Yes, I know you don't have the time - suck it up. Bonds are grown on such actions, and you will need to have someone around who will have your back, in crunch-time).
    3. Set up that place as though you will have NO access to utilities/power/water/sanitation. You may not need it, but this is one thing that has to be there, just in case.
    4. Stock it with all items you might need - food, water purification, fuel, ammo, and - most importantly - tools. Check out the prep sites now for advice. If you can, have manually-powered backups to the power-tool type. Don't forget HARD-COPY books.
    5. If you can, pay cash for the place. Have some extra money/barterables/hard currency. When and if the banks and ATMs aren't available (and, there WILL be a time, however short, when they WON'T be), you can get by.
    6. Consider getting some GMRS radios - they have a longer range, and, although you SHOULD have a license for them, they will sell them without proof. Mobile radios are notoriously hard to track down, if used for brief periods, and if you keep moving (preferably OFF your own property). Get a couple of extra, so you can lend them out, if needed.
  2. Don't waste any more time working at the national level. Work at the Local, Regional, and State level, to shore up your rights. State's rights isn't just a code-word for "We want to keep Black People from using their rights", it's a valuable bulwark against creeping Federalism. 
    1. `Get to know your local National Guard unit, and make friends with the leadership. Never know when a "missing" piece of equipment might find itself your way. These are local people, and will be loath to act against their interests.
    2. Make friends selectively. Watch out for those men whose wives run the roost. A Woke Wife can persuade a man to go along with her, against his male friends. Those will be the people who will turn you in, but with tears in their eyes, as they explain they just couldn't do otherwise. Yes, they could have, if they had guts.
    3. Don't boast about your preps. Don't let your opposition to The Left become widely known. Operate sub rosa. Ideally, when you DO come out openly, all but a few will be surprised.
  3. Stay in touch with others. Keep a quiet communication going with those at a distance, so new impositions don't come as a total surprise.
  4. Get one of those laser-target practice add-ons to your weapons. It allows you to practice, while conserving your ammo. Here's a link to an example.
  5. Pray. A lot.

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