Monday, December 14, 2020

Bitter Winds, Bitter Words

     I am paradoxically an admirer of the short fiction of the late J. G. Ballard. Paradoxically, because his stuff is so downhearted. The endings of his stories are quite reliably negative; his protagonists are always anti-heroic. Yet his imagination was wide and versatile, and his prose has an undeniable elegance. As I am deficient in those qualities, I envy him. I study his oeuvre for hints to how I might improve my own work.

     But I prefer positive, upbeat stories: stories in which good people defeat bad people, and good values prevail over bad ones. So for me, reading Ballard is a bit like taking a purgative. I know I’m not going to like the process even if I expect to be better off once it’s behind me.

     Now and then, we in the Right must adopt a comparable attitude.

     The Democrats’ coup against the Constitution was meticulously planned and masterfully executed. They knew which stages must precede which others, and how to time the sequence so as to minimize the danger of defeat. The whole constitutes an invaluable lesson in how to suborn a republic.

     They made sure that the institutions that might have thwarted them had been brought to heel well before the final strokes of their campaign. The news media had already fallen to them. The schools and the entertainment industry were secured by colonization and propagandization. They suborned the organs of officialdom that might have denied them victory – i.e., boards of election, prosecutors’ offices, secretaries of state, and the courts – through electoral chicanery, intimidation, and miscellaneous “conventional” forms of corruption. Thus, when it came time to steal the 2020 presidential election with avalanches of phony ballots, they had no other barrier to surmount.

     We in the Right must summon our will, swallow our gorges, and study their campaign – not to mimic it, but to defeat it when our opportunity comes for vengeance. Assuming, that is, that such an opportunity should ever come.

     As I’ve said before, to comprehend an enemy’s intentions it is vital that we reason backwards:

  • From tactics,
  • To strategy,
  • Thereafter to objectives,
  • And finally to motives.

     For it is almost perfectly “obvious” that The Democrats do not intend that Joe Biden be president in reality:

     Joe Biden is not meant to govern....

     Biden was nominated because the Democrat establishment thought he was the only one of the original field of two dozen or so who had a chance of winning against Donald Trump. In that the DNC was correct. All the others vying to take on Orange Man Bad were either too inexperienced and unknown or too far to the left of the party, and so would scare the horses of the centrist American electorate.

     It was tactically critical that Biden be the nominee. But the Democrats’ strategy dictated that he must not campaign – that the Biden for President campaign be almost nonexistent. Information about Biden, his declining mental health, his family – especially his son Hunter – and his depth of corruption as a political insider had to be suppressed, at least in the major media. The alternative media could be dealt with through “deplatforming,” imputations of low motives, and scorn from “on high.”

     The objective was to win the presidency, not to make Biden president. But what point is there in winning the office with a candidate so manifestly unfit for it? Arthur Chrenkoff has some thoughts about that:

     Joe’s much-suspected advancing dementia has been painfully exposed over the past few months through a series of misstatements, gaffes and ramblings on the campaign trail (such as it was).... With the issue of physical health and mental acuity of our leaders – and God knows, being a president requires a lot of energy and brain-power – now slowly sipping into the respectable mainstream media discourse, the ground is being slowly laid out for such questions to be gently asked and gently answered in due time of the Commander-in-Chief. They won’t be vicious, personal attacks; it will all be done with love and concern for the ailing Joe, and with all the gratitude from thankful progressive Americans for his long service and his crowning achievement of ending the four-year national nightmare that was the Trump presidency. Farewell, happy warrior.

     Add a giant sarcasm tag. And really, what other explanation could there be that now, with the election secured, the media are finally reporting on Biden’s fading mental acuity and the several scandals tied to him and his family?

     The objective was to win the presidency. Biden was only a figurehead suitable for obtaining control of the office. The motive was twofold. Yes, power for the Democrats was certainly part of it. However, protection for their lawbreakers and malefactors was equally important. With a Democrat in the Oval Office, they who conducted a treasonous, Deep State-driven coup against President Donald Trump can breathe easy at long last.

     Bitter words? Yes, they are. But bitter winds are blowing. Unless by some miracle the state legislatures of the contested states should set the balloting aside and select their own electors for the College, all that will remain to prevent a successful theft of the 2020 presidential election is the use of force. That doesn’t look likely from where I sit. Too many people have too much to lose.

     Some are hoping that President Trump will declare martial law and decree a fresh election under new, more fraud-resistant rules. He might. Certainly the country would be better served by such a move than by permitting the Left to get away with its thievery. However, it would set a precedent with grave implications. I don’t think I’d care for the way it would cloud future presidential contests.

     As for the other possible use of force – armed insurrection by a massive wave of pro-Constitution Americans – it seems unlikely, but we shall see. Stay tuned.


SimonJester said...

Easier to just shoot them.


@Simon: I like where you're at. :)

@FWP: The Left is insane. But insane doesn't mean stupid. As you point out they've been planning this, and working the plan, for a long, long time. I keep pointing out, they have a LONG GAME.

Ragin' Dave said...

No army of constitutional patriots is going to form up and storm D.C. Just from a logistical standpoint, that's impossible at this point.

What I see happening is that people will simply stop listening to the government, as the government is now an unelected group of anti-American traitors and various other Marxist stains on humanity who lack all legitimacy.

And when the government starts it's violence against Americans, as it will, as it has always done under Democrat rule, then people are simply going to make the government agents disappear. There will be no frontal assault on the FBI's HQ in whatever city. There will simply be a gunshot from a long distance, and a Democrat thug with a badge laying dead in their driveway.

Of course, we might always end up with a Clive Bundy situation where the Feds actually push the big red button, and if that happens then all bets are off.

Francis W. Porretto said...

NITZ: There have been recognized geniuses who were insane by contemporary diagnostic standards. Some have had periods of insanity from which they eventually emerged, while others sank ever deeper into madness. (Still others never married.) There are also geniuses whose memory we revile: the dictators, tyrants, and warlords. There are persons who prefer to call them insane rather than evil. It's sometimes, though not always, a debatable matter.

The incidence of insanity among persons of exceptional intellect is higher than among less well endowed persons. This may be because the genius sees things that others do not. Some of those things are defensibly real and rational, while others are unreal and irrational. If the visionary fails to see the difference, he can easily slip into madness -- for what is madness except the inability to tell what is real from what is not?

Like many other things for which people have yearned, genius can be both a crown and a cross. Socrates would tell you so.

Linda Fox said...

We have not laid the groundwork for Rebellion. We have vague unrest, a small number of highly-motivated individuals, and many, many people with little training and experience, who would fold quickly, should this become a hot war.

Offline activities seem to be the order of the day. Personal preparation (household level), skills training (most of it not with weapons, but upgrading off-the-grid skills), building local communications.

Trump is - baring a miracle - not in the picture. If he survives (economically & physically), he is likely to be tied up in Official/Unofficial landmines, that aim to take his attention from leadership, and both impoverish him and undercut his support.

The same with others that stuck their neck out. They're not gonna lead us to victory.

It's on us. WE have to decide just how much we will commit to any outside-of-the-family activities, and budget our time and money appropriately.

What ALL of us can do, at least for now, is to continue throwing our thoughts and opinions out into the ether. Probably for no money (or tiny amounts), but with the idea that we will be building a cohert of future leaders.

In this world, there are Builders, Followers, and Carriers. The Builders are the ones that are the public leadership. The Followers are varying types - Those who are within the command structure, those that are the foot soldiers, and those who are tagging along, excited about the crowds, but with little staying power.
The Carriers are the interesting ones. They may never put life or fortune on the line. However, their influence extends beyond their immediate circle of influence, due to the power of their message.
Many writers serve as Carriers - Heinlein, Hayek, Aesop from the Woodpile, to name a few. They weren't directly involved, except as a source of knowledge and inspiration.

evilfranklin said...

Trump's game does not appear to be over.
PA and GA have made elector moves that appear to support the POTUS. It has been suggested that the SCOTUS refusal to adjudicate the Texas case may have been expected and considered.
There appear to be plans within plans within plans to which we may never be privy.
All we, as mere mortals, can do is watch and hope.