Sunday, December 13, 2020

It's a Beautiful Day in December

Bright light, fresh - and VERY cold - air, and the usual spirit-lifting expectations Christians have at this time of the year.

I'm finally - after a nap - rested. My mood, in contrast to my worried uneasiness in the pre-dawn hours, is high. I'm ready to take up the tasks of Christmas preparation, cleaning and organization, and slogging away on long-term projects.

I read a post on Assistant Village Idiot, that got me thinking. He's of the belief that what fraud and dirty tricks there were, didn't amount to enough to go to war over. In other words, same old, same old.

I can't agree, but have reluctantly accepted that our window of opportunity to do anything about this is nearly over. I don't see people rising up in the streets to Take Back the Country.

Ami I saying roll over and play dead?


Nor am I saying not to prepare for some very, very tough times. I meant it when I said that a prudent person would secure essential needs - including communications - for the abuses of the Biden/Harris administration.

So, why am I not reaching for the fatal dose of poison?

Because, I believe in the goodness of God. Because, I believe in the essential goodness of my fellow Americans. And, because I believe in the essential stupidity of the Dems, who could *&^% up a one-car funeral.

In that, Obama was right.

And, Harris is no more adept - in many ways, less. Biden, at least, has the ability to look as though he is harmless and believes his own bullshit.

Harris has a mean streak in her. I've no doubt that she will lock horns with:

  • Jill Biden, who will push back against losing her status as FLOTUS
  • Nancy Pelosi, who will betray anyone, if it gets her what she wants
  • AOC and Company, who are unparalelled in backstabbing, posing, and bad-mouthing others, simply to have the last Leftist word
  • All of the many MALE politicians who will likely be relegated to the back benches - and HATE it
  • All of the many Drama Queens, who will undercut, back-stab, and fight for the limelight - AND continue their 'off-the-record' leaks
There is that old saying - Be careful what you ask for. In their case, they wanted to be in charge, NO MATTER WHAT CRIMES THEY HAD TO COMMIT.

And, now, it looks as though they will be. And, there will be multitudes who are feeling snubbed, robbed of their rightful place, by the side of the throne. Who will sell out their own mother for getting closer. Something that a canny politician might well exploit.

Who might that politician be?

Ted Cruz. He's a smart guy, who will smile and smile and not hesitate to smite his enemies, smiling all the time. He's sensing an opportunity in this power vacuum, and will gladly step in.

That doesn't make him a bad guy - just one that will not scruple to disrobe and flay his opponents in public.

Dan Crenshaw. He's riding high in public esteem. He fears not to openly cut his opponents up, on the floor of the House. Not a bad guy to send in to do battle.

The governors. At least those that went on record as supporting a challenge to the election. Those that had an opportunity, but failed to take it, well, that's - unfortunate. For them.

There are others, but that's a start.

But, but, but...what about the nearly unlimited power that the Dems will have on January 20, 2021?

What power?

If we've learned anything in the last few decades (since, at least, the 1970s or so), it's that power had better be backed up by the willingness to use it ruthlessly, AND the ability to make one's edicts stick.

Don't you remember the 55 mph speed limits, enacted in the wake of the 'oil crisis'? Do you remember truckers, working in concert, who used their trucks to block traffic, simply by moving at that speed? They backed up highways for miles, JUST BY FOLLOWING THE LAW EXACTLY. It was the revenge exacted by someone who determines to completely comply with ridiculous laws, rules, and regulations.

It spawned a whole industry - CBs sprouted across the country, launched Burt Reynolds' Smokey and the Bandit films, filled the airways with cheesy country songs about rebellion against the law, and generally forced the politicians to repeal those rules.

Americans LIKE rebels. They smile at their outrageous antics, and would never think of turning them in. Given a choice between the clean-cut Good Boy, and the Down-at-the-Heels Rebel, American women ALWAYS choose the Bad Boy. It's in our DNA.

So, let's have the Fun of Being Rebels. Let's look for opportunities to flout Leftist Authority, preferably in nose-tweaking ways (the more ridiculous they look, the better). Let's take advantage of the benefit of NOT being the ones with Authority.

Fight the Crooked System. For America's Sake.


N S said...

The Founding Fathers were not career politicians. They were the outlaws; the "angry extremists" who refused to quietly submit to an elite political establishment's oppressive rule over their lives. Never Forget That.

Ropro said...

You are sadly mistaken in regards to today's America. No offense meant, but you are using the lens of 1980s America and not today. What we all just witnessed was a Bolshevik Revolution. It was not a typical US election where run of the mill democrats of old regularly stole elections. No. This is something in a completely different and sinister category. This is a full blown Bolshevik/Communist/Satanic Revolution. There is no going back from this with the next election. They NEVER give up power. There is no protesting or impeding them within the law. They simply will not allow it. Bolsheviks ignore the law. All of the laws, except one, The Law of the Rifle/Gun.

It is a terrible truth to accept, but it is the Truth. You and I may not like it but that doesn't change it.