Thursday, December 17, 2020

Give Credit, Where Credit is Due

It's always amazed me, the extents to which the Left will go to avoid crediting people for their work, particularly when those who deserve the credit are part of The Opposition.

In the case of the COVID meds, they did their best to drag their feet until AFTER Trump was kicked out, so they could take total credit for the accoomplishment.

And, it IS an accomplishment, cutting through regulations and red tape to rush testing and preparation of not just one, but several immunization meds. The plan, called Operation Warp Speed, was resisted by almost all of the 'smart people, ridiculed as impossible by the media and The Left (I must stop being redundant!), and slowed down by all the sundry Deep State employees who could find a way to put roadblocks in the way of progress.

Frankly, I doubt that ANYONE else could have done it. But, given Trump's background in bulling his way through the roadblocks in a project, he was uniquely able to Get 'Er Done!

He does deserve the Kudos - although, given the lack of gratitude that The Left usually displays, don't hold your breath.

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