Thursday, December 10, 2020

Hunter Biden - the Truth is Coming Out,...

...but, will anyone other than us listen?

It's a headline on the FoxNews site. I checked on CNN and MSNBC, where they mentioned the bare fact of Biden's woes, and implied that:

  1. It was related to taxes (only peripherally - the problem is, the money transfers constitute BRIBES by foreign governments, passed through allegedly private actors).
  2. It was instituted as a spiteful act by 'Trump's DOJ'. Again, not true - the DELAWARE prosecutors were interested; the DOJ has only done the minimum necessary to be able to say "we LOOKED".
But, dribble by dribble, people are finally admitting their culpability in coverups. Not just involving Hunter, the Seth Rich laptop has been found!

The fact that this news is being - FINALLY! - released is the one thread that is giving me some badly-needed hope this Christmas season. If they weren't at least a LITTLE concerned about the possibility of Trump winning, they wouldn't be letting this leak out.

Off the topic of the Biden Follies, the truth may be coming out about COVID. It's on the Front Page site, and it's both detailed, and potentially explosive. If Biden manages to pull of his con, this may never become widely known. In fact, it's probably a violation of some Super-Secret Rules to publish or refer to this; we may be deplatformed for that BadThink in the near future.

But, I'm getting more and more calm about the election outcome. Assuming that all turns out as I HOPE it does, deplatforming may be on the way out.

From The Conservative Treehouse, a story about state lawsuits against Facebook. The FCC is joining in on the fight (although, should Biden prevail, who knows?). I'd like to see FB executives in court, defending their actions in this election (and others), and subject to discovery. I'd break out the popcorn for that.

Last, the Never-Trumper/RINO destruction may be ahead. They swarmed to defeat Trump, jealous of their sagging status in the GOP. Their actions may bring them down, instead.

Good riddance.

The media is displaying all of the dextrous savoir-faire of a toddler caught in the midst of a pile of partially-opened Christmas gifts, the week before the 25th. They may have the widest eyes, and indignantly insist, "No, it wasn't me!" when confronted with the mess around them.

The more they stick to the "Trump lost" and "President-Elect Biden", the more the public is asking very inconvenient questions. How do I know that this is reaching the Critical Point?

Because MOST of my formerly Biden-supporting friends have shut up - completely. They aren't defending Biden & Family, they aren't boldly putting up their support in Shared stories about the wonders of the incoming President, they aren't interacting much, at all.

They have crawled into their snug holes, and are drinking wine and cocoa, soothing themselves with their mantra:

Orange Man Bad - AND Not My President!

When asked, What about Hunter Biden? They just repeat the equivalent of La-La-La-La, I can't HEAR you!

Fake News!

Conspiracy Theory

He lost - get OVER it!

What they don't do is to make a cogent argument supporting their position.

Because there is none.

Nor is there a decent defence for the observed abuses, frauds, and assorted shenigans of the voting process.

The news is, for the most part, NOT showing the videos of the GA steal. They are showing selected portions, accompanied by their commentary - "See, there is NOTHING unusual about this! Those that say there is are Conspiracy Nuts".

But, the Silence of the Dems speaks louder than their words.

They're scared - VERY scared. This has the potential to bring a lot of icky stuff to the surface, put many politicians in the crosshairs, and bring down the Dems.

Let us pray.


Col. B. Bunny said...

You hit that one into a near-earth orbit, Linda!

AuricTech Shipyards said...

"Wine and cocoa"? Wouldn't a liqueur (such as Kahlua, crème de menthe or Grand Marnier) pair better with cocoa?


As @aesop (to give credit for the concept) noted - WINNERS don't mind seeing the winning moment on instant replay. It's LOSERS and CHEATERS that think they've got it in the bag that want to just move on.