Thursday, December 10, 2020

I'm Unsettled and Uneasy

Partly, it's the fact that this may be the most UN-Christmasy holiday season in my life. I'm not alone in finding this year's Christmas prep difficult.

It's not being able to travel to visit family, AFTER having spent Thanksgiving with just the two of us (although, in some ways, a very satisfying day, with prepping the turkey dinner donation, Zooming with the kids, and just enjoying spending time relaxing with each other).

Of course, the election situation is causing me heartburn (and, some heartache, as well - I'm truly heartbroken, not just at what has become of our country, but at the apathy of so many Americans to some rather obvious theft).

I've been tracking down people formerly on my Christmas list, and having to accept that I've lost touch with them. It will be a smaller number of cards that I will send, but still quite important to let them know that I miss them and love them.

I have made some progress on household organization; the task has helped to soothe my nerves.

It's hard to plan ahead; we truly have no idea what lies ahead of us, either personally or as a nation.

I'm in frequent communication with my sister, who is caring for both an aging husband (20 years older than she is), and a brother, retired on medical disability, who needs daily support with managing his medical conditions and staying in his own house.

I'm not able to travel much at this time. I'm stuck in SC, and working on my own issues - household, financial, medical - to be able to be much help.

She's stressed and tired. Just ONE of the many who are continuing with their lives, managing family support, lack of sleep, and worry - a lot of worry.

So, the election is not at the front of their worries. They already have a full plate, and just can't manage it. I understand.

But, the unsettled condition of the nation's future, financial concerns, and the horrible prospect of a complete Dem takeover - politics, management, financial, health, education, and - God Help Us - national defense - is causing me lost hours of sleep.

I pray. I stay in contact with selected Patriots, and take heart at the locals who still remain faithful. 

And, I wait. Ready. Edgy. Prepared.


SWVAguy said...

It's clear, if we're to survive this mess without violence, Red States must form a coalition. Not to secede, but to do the next best thing. Ignore any EOs, new laws and regulations only designed to infringe on our freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights. The federal government will thus be weakened and have less power over our lives.

Glen Filthie said...

The holidays are always tough. Everyone feels the need to be jolly and merry during the darkest days of the year. Dark times feel that much worse because of it. Adding to THAT is when good folks get so caught up trying to take care of others, that they forget to take care of themselves. Then they come apart at the seams and can’t help anyone. Do something for yourself! It’s okay for you to be happy for awhile.

It will be as SWVA says. Leftie can legislate anything he wants, but ... can he enforce it? The deep state and the swamp are no match for either the prepped or the patriot.

Linda Fox said...

Unfortunately, many people start off, having already lost. The government already has:
- Access to that portion of your paycheck that they DEEM necessary (withholding is the focal point).
- Ability to take away your home, with little recourse.
- Ability to incarcerate you, whether by local, state, or federal decision, and without representation by effective legal counsel.
- Ability to kill without penalty.
- Ability to take your children away from you.
- Ability to deprive you of use of your own property, whether through 'fair use', forced sale, or using zoning/environmental provisions to limit your use.
- And, as we have seen in the COVID opportunity, ability to limit travel, work, free movement in public, attendance at church, school, or in groups.

I shouldn't have written all that - now I'm depressed.