Friday, December 18, 2020

It's the Word on Everyone's Lips Today


I agree with Ace - WE didn't start saying it, THEY did.

We liked our country, just fine, the way it was. We really weren't all that anxious to leave when Obama was around. We just started ordering guns, to have them available, just in case he wasn't a-funning with that 'gun grab' thing.

But, now?

It's not JUST the election theft, although that is a part. It's happened before, but never like this - incredibly obvious, and completely denied. That it came after we agreed to a re-do for the NC seat, after shenigans surfaced with the vote, is just more proof that we play by the rules - even when it hurts us.

But, they don't. Didn't. And never will.

So, yeah, I think It's ON. Or, very close to that point.

The Left has only themselves to blame for this. They supported the Autonymous Zones, were furious at the very thought of state action breaking up the Insurrection. The Left got more outrageous by the day, and the state dilly-dallied about going in and tearing it all down.

You KNOW what they hoped for - that Trump would go for the bait, and step in.

And then they would unleash their Accusations of Doom at his Imperial Overreach.

But, he didn't. Oh, he did go in, to specifically protect the Federally owned property. Then, left, just as quickly.

Take gun stocks (the financial instrument, not the thingy on the non-bangy end). Ruger stocks were once trading in the low teens, when Reagan was in office. They rose slightly when Bush I took over, then shot up into the 20's when the gun-grabbing Clinton came in. They only went down in Clinton's last 2 years, when his wings had been clipped.

They went up again, gradually, during Bush II's first term. Never quite hit the high points of the previous years again. When you consider that includes the 9/11 years and after, quite notable. It says that Americans didn't feel threatened by the abuses of government, at that point. Bush passed background checks, but the Supreme Court ruled on Heller - a wash.

Despite Obama's paranoid belief that 'those redneck hicks' were just out to GET him, the numbers had only mild flucuations until 2010 or so.

What happened then?

Gun Control activities actually took some defeats around then - Fast & Furious was coming to light near the end of the year, several restrictive local and state laws lost in court - normally, that would correlate with decreases in gun sales.

But, it didn't. At least a little of that might be blamed on increased misrust of government. Well, whatever the reason, gun sales started shooting up, and didn't come down after Obama left. I don't think it was mistrust of Trump; rather, the pushback of the electorially-spurned Dems led them to some very intemperate comments, indicating that they planned to make it impossible for anyone, outside of law enforcement or other government agencies, to get their hands on a gun.

Looking at that stock increase, I'm REALLY sorry I didn't think ot put a few thousand into gun stocks (including ammo - I understand it's getting nearly impossible to find for sale).

So, are we likely to break up?

I dunno. Keep an eye on the trends in shortages in stores, and on the stock market stars. That will probably tell you more than any political pundit can.

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Ed Bonderenka said...

I had the good fortune of ordering cases of ammo before the covid.
Afraid to shoot any more of it.
It might come in handy.