Thursday, December 3, 2020

Maybe it is Time for an End to the United States of America...

 ...and a start to the Free States of America.

I was reading this article on City Journal, about the differences between the Red and Blue states, and it picked up on an essential difference - the willingness to take risks.

That difference goes wider than just the COVID thing. It permeates just about every choice available to each state's citizens:

  • Willingness to risk one's OWN money, vs. those who want GOVERNMENT to put up the dough
  • Standing by the consequences of one's OWN decisions, vs. arguing against any punishment/natural consequence because "it's not FAIR"
  • Willingness to abide by rules, vs. breaking/bending any rule that doesn't advantage them, on the grounds that "rules don't matter"
  • Paying one's own way. Whining for OTHERS to pay for lame choices, freely taken
  • Acting with decency and courtesy to others. Screaming/harassing/threatening others, and expecting to get a pass on consequences
I could go on and on. But, there is something else I was thinking about today, and I wanted to add it to this post.

In the past, when discussing horribly oppressive rule over people, whether in Nazi Germany, Communist China, the Soviet Union, or the Jim Crow South, people would always ask, "How could this happen?"

As a result of observing the country over the last couple of decades, I think I have an answer.

Some are Complicit - they may not have initiated the oppression, but they openly go along with it, benefit from it, and - to all appearances, are completely in agreement with it. Those are the ones that are involved in Sins of Commission.

There are those who do not comply, unless pushed to, whether by force of law, pressure by a boss, or social pressure. But, in the end, they do go along, because "What can one person do?" They may not directly benefit from the acts. They may not even participate directly. But, they turn away, pretending not to see. They are generally motivated by fear - loss of a job, being isolated by their community, or even being treated like those who are being oppressed. They participate in Sins of Omission. They are Culpable. In the Catholic Church, we acknowledge that we fall into that category of sin more often than not, when we proclaim in the Mass, Mea Culpa.

Then, there are the Active Resisters. These are few, and their danger is high. Most will not even cooperate with them, for fear of bringing down the same punishment if caught. Understand, there are many who basically agree with their thinking - those people just lack the guts to participate in their acts (and, generally, will turn them in, if confronted). These are the Patriots, and, in a failed resistance, they will disappear, their names to be erased.

There are many who know this was a rigged election, rife with fraud. They may not have actively and deliberately committed the crimes, but they looked the other way when the ballots were brought in under cover of the night, when the "checkers" and those "curing" ballots changed the vote, when the vote percentages dramatically changed after the machines were fiddled with - at no point, did they stand up and say, "This is Wrong".

Many of that Culpable category are employed by the government - in the judiciary, in the legislatures, in the various administrative offices. They are existing in a Living Hell - they KNOW this is wrong, and they have to face the reality that they lacked the guts to do anything about it. I would expect them to guzzle a LOT of alcohol in an attempt to soothe their guilty conscience.

We just need a few of them to stand up; their break with the conspiracy will give others the courage to join them. In the end, they will choose - Life Eternal, or Lifelong Guilt and Eternal Damnation.


SimonJester said...

I suspect there will be quite a few "Farnham's Freehold"s in the near future.

Doug said...

I have watched all of the testimony in AZ, MI and PA. These were not "mistakes", "clerical errors" or "oversights"!!!!! This was a large group of people knowingly committing election crimes!! If this was a murder case then I'm sure that more than enough evidence has been presented to convict!! The State Farm Arena security tapes show all of this in action in real time. How can this be overlooked?? One Representative asked the attorney who did the video presentation "Where is your proof?". The attorney looked at the Rep, and said "You just watched it."
Here is the bottom line. I believe that if this is not addressed and corrected by the 14th the people who live in these states are not going to wait and Civil War will be on. The politicians do not want to look at the hard evidence of crimes. They want to kick the can down the road for the next election. Many of them are involved in the scam and stand to lose a lot of money and their freedom if caught.
Americans are tired of being ridiculed by the media. American are tired of the scamdemic!! We know that more than enough real evidence has been presented to show the President Trump won this election. Americans will not be denied his second term!!

Linda Fox said...

It will likely NOT be a Hot War, at first. Just a group of people, refusing to abide by rules designed to make them serfs.
It may be relatively local. It may be regional. Sure as the sun rises in the morning, it will spread - not by the media (they will exert all their effort into smothering the news).
It will spread by word-of-mouth, from city to city, from state to state.
How can the people possibly bypass the restrictions on damaging media?
Truckers sharing video at every stop.
Ham radio.
CBs (yes, they are still out there).
Hard copies, passed hand to hand.
Virtual meetings.
Real-life meetings. Including gathering in the streets.
Neighbors. Family. Work.
The harder they clamp down, the madder the people will get.
It's coming.


Peter Grant has a great piece up:

The election thieves are making civil war almost inevitable

There is NO INNOCENT EXPLANATION for the GA ballots in suitcases event. Or the 138,000 vote jump in Michigan. Or myriad other examples.

Yet this is the problem we face - people SO DETERMINED to get Trump out, and more worrisome take revenge on Trump and his supporters (yes, all of us) - that they'll raze every standard, every law, every moral code to do it. And I read comments on twitter - not on there, just going there to see individual posts - like "But I see no fraud" and "Prove that's bad" and so on.

Yuri B. was completely right. We have evidence on video of this crime. Yet that's not enough.

This is, ultimately, a religious war. They are captive to their vision of a Socialist Utopia, a fantasy world that cannot be achieved in actuality. They are True Believer missionaries. And if you'll forgive my link to my cartoon, they absolutely positively will not stop, ever, until we're Communists... or dead.