Sunday, December 13, 2020

We Knew This. But It's Gonna Hit Nuclear Levels Now.

The Pravda-ing of the American Media/Communications that are LEGAL.

We'll still be 'permitted' political expression or action. Just within the limits bounded by quasi-Conservative players.

Such as Mitt, McConnell, and Rubio.

And National Review (the GOOD Conservative Voice!).

And, COMPLIANT YouTube channels. Not BAD ones, like Alex Jones, and those 8K channels that promoted 'wrongthink' about the election. This is in addition to the 17K or so removed for 'hate' last year.

How long before this post will become a HateCrime?

Before you lose your job, your driver's license, your home - all for something you said, did, or thought - that WOULD have been legal under the First Amendment, before the Crackdown on Thought/Speech.

Because Thought will be next, if our New Beneficent Overlords have their way.

I'm going to suggest you add onto your Christmas a longer-range Walkie-Talkie - the GMRS type, that has some attributes of short-range radio, but can reach much farther - and, with a repeater, even farther. It technically requires an FCC license, but that license covers the whole family. And, you can get it by paying cash, and without proof of license.

Here is a link - This link is sending you to a site that has supported ham radio for many years.

If you want more choices, try this link. It provides pros and cons for each one.

Generally, you want the potential for high power (that's what gives you range). However, for cheap handhelds to pass out among your crew, price and ease of use are more important. Save the distance-type for calling between cells.

Midland GMRS site discusses the differences between general types, with some pros and cons. They also offer a camp radio with 5 power sources - very handy when power fluctuations are a concern.

The FCC rules might catch you up, should you use a base unit for extended periods of time. For that reason, I recommend a mobile unit for most activities.

If you have a felony on your record, don't even bother to apply for the license - it technically will go into the 'pending investigation' status - but, I'm predicting that you WON'T get it. Particularly as this is a choke point, that can 'justify' them arresting you.

I've been checking out the better prep sites, looking for weak spots in my home/car. The single most important thing I've been doing is to do the work to get my body prepared for whatever may come. I'm serious - lose the damn weight, start walking/running, stretch, and lift weights. You may not be able to get into Ranger shape, but you can always improve on what you started with.

Make sure that, should your effort be needed at any point, you can deliver.

Same with mental prep. Take the time to master a few crafts/skills, keep focused and calm, and know why you are preparing (in other words, READ). Reach out to others, know who can be depended on, who cannot, and who to avoid at all costs.

Spend some time outdoors. Learn your nearby terrain, and how to navigate it in the dark (night vision goggles MAY be helpful, but are not necessary - just allowing yourself time to acclimate to the night gives you better vision than you realize). Learn to listen. You need to learn the most common sounds of the night, and what might indicate problems occuring.

Don't forget to include your spouse/kids in this practice. It may well save their life at some point.

Prepare for power outages - have a backup for all essential tools that doesn't require modern power. Get a solar setup, and practice using it - get into the habit of charging your cell phone or tablet that way. Test your battery rechargers, and put the rechargeables in labeled containers - Charged/Uncharged. Tape good batteries in the right size to emergency tools.

And, lest you start to lose heart, don't forget to laugh. It's an essential part of what makes us Americans - the ability to make jokes in the face of danger/disaster.

Here's some memes to get you in the right mood.

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daniel_day said...

Thank you for these links, Linda, much appreciated.
Now if I could just get rid of this gorram ringing in my ears...