Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Is the Rush Audience Unthinking Dittoheads?

Short answer, no.

Longer answer, Hell, no.

Look, Rush was one of the first guys in years to CONNECT with people. He didn't brainwash them, he didn't tell them how or what to think.

What he did was to look at events, give his opinion on what was happening behind the scenes, and how it might affect regular people.

You know.

The job the Media SHOULD have been doing, rather than trying to shove unpalatable and unsavory laws, rules, regulations, and cultural changes down people's throats.

The media HATED us. Still do.

That we DARE have a different point of view - after they have very carefully explained to us, using simplified words (because they KNOW we're just not all that bright), what the correct take on an issue is, just infuriates them.

Why can't we just do what good serfs do, pull our forelock, curtsy, and obey?

Why do we persist in opposing the actions that they have already put in place, STRICTLY for our own good, of course?

What, they ask, is WRONG with 'you people'?

Then, Rush came in. Doing the unheard-of thing of actually treating us like human beings, capable of understanding complicated topics, interested in discussing current events - even those ideas that opposed what our Beloved Overlords had already decided for us.

You know. For our own good.

Rush treats us like sentient beings. He may disagree with a caller, but he is respectful. He listens, and then, if he disagrees, he explains why.

Not saying "Because I SAID so!", but actually engaging with the callers.

People have asked me if I listen to Rush. I tell them, no.

Which is true - I don't listen, as my hearing problems get in the way.

Instead, I read the transcripts, for two reasons. The first I've mentioned - hearing issues. The second is, because I find I follow the show better when I read it; it's just easier for me to process that way.

When Rush goes, it will be a sad day. But that won't be the end of Dissident Radio. Just like when Andrew Breitbart died, others sprung up to fill the void. And, so will it happen again.

As one of us is cut down, 10 others spring up in the place of the fallen. The Left can't stop the change; they can only put obstacles in the way. They can slow us down, but they cannot kill the spirit.

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