Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Will THIS Released Memo, from Brennan, Change Dem Minds?

Of course!

(Oh, that HURTS! I really can't laugh that hard - I'll do myself an irreparable injury).

I'm like a lot of reasonable people. When someone says, 'That's not true', I immediately scurry around to find evidence that my position is based on FACTS.

Thereafter, I'm always dumbfounded when they sweepingly dismiss my evidence, without even looking.

I know, I know - I'm a hardhead. Like Charlie Brown, I have Naive and Eternal Hopes that THIS TIME, the evidence will count. That THIS TIME, my careful research, unassailable logic, and meticulous efforts will FINALLY result in the eyes of Leftists/Deluded Fools opening.

I'm having about as much success as he is.



@Linda - you, I, our esteemed host, and other posters here live in OBJECTIVE REALITY. We want a world view that matches observed reality and facts as much as possible, even if it means we need to change what we think (e.g., I've made mention of the fact that I used to be a climate alarmist... until I investigated and found that the alarmist was precisely that. Same thing with my former support for abortion, gun control, and other L to R moves I've made in my life.

Liberals want to live in SUBJECTIVE REALITY where their impressions and feelings of themselves are moral and superior beings are upheld and reinforced, regardless of the actual facts-on-the-ground.

In other words, for us, reason controls emotions. For them, emotions control reason. Take a look at this video as an example:
[Leftist Believes Emotions Trump Facts / 3:15]

We are two separate species sharing a common DNA.

Linda Fox said...

Some call it Left-brained vs. Right-brained. I do think that the current practice of teaching to the 'creative, illogical side of the brain' is designed to promote/stimulate that typ of thinking, and atrophy the more logical, math-oriented side.

At least, that's the way it seems to work in practice.