Monday, December 14, 2020

The Great Reset

Given the information that is coming out about China's efforts to take over many of the American political and economic structures, it's becoming clear that the fight is not between Left and Right.

It's between those that want the People subject to Control by the Elite, and those that believe the People can manage their own lives without Big Daddy, thank you.

More of us are aligned with the Right side. However, there is a hefty percentage of the American public who would be willing to get on board - as long as there was reasonable access to credit, education, and employment, on a level playing field with the rich.

That's mostly what average people are worried about - they worry that a completely Libertarian society would leave them, and their families, in the cold. They do want some access/assistance, at times when they are in need. They are more comfortable with a system that is more familiar, less radically different, even if it takes away some of their rights.

After this year, the old local resources - family, friends, town, churches, charities - they're gone. Most people they know are in similar strained circumstances. Charities will give them bare sustenance, but no real opportunities - those are reserved for POCs, illegal aliens, released criminals, and those that refuse to work.

So, no. Probably no 2nd American Revolution in the near future. Although, if you read this, you will see that we have at least as good cause as the Founders.

Pity today's kids only have a vague understanding of a FEW parts of those Foundational Documents.

Which is why I'm re-reading The Federalist Papers - you can get a copy free online, and have it sent to your Kindle (whether on Amazon or otherwise).

That's the FUN part of my reading lately. The not-so fun part is a lot of whooey from the World Economic Forum (WEF), that includes their Plan to Take Over the World - otherwise known as The Great Re-Set. It's in video format, so I've (for now) skipped that, and have downloaded some papers that deal with different aspects of it all.

There's a KU book, COVID-19 The Great Reset, related to the thinking of those many reports. It's said to be what many of the upcoming changes are about. Hey, if the Left is dumb enough to put their plans onliine for free, I'm going to take advantage of it to be forewarned.

Surprisingly, Pinky and the Brain weren't involved in any of it.

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evilfranklin said...

Once upon a time individual Americans and American charities were the most giving in the world. They understood that occasionally people needed temporary help. Then government stepped in.