Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Reading "A Promised Land" - Chapters 1-4

I was notified yesterday that my reserved library loan of "A Promised Land", by Barack Obama, was available. Fortunately, I got an e-copy, as this is a Whopping 768 pages of crap. 

The first thing I noticed is that, apparently, Barack really DID write this book. How could I tell? The writing was pedestrian, plodding, and NOT inspired. Obama is not a good writer - and, definitely NOT a great one. I read his first book, and it was, at least, the product of someone who knew how to write a gripping story (just how much a story it was, I'll leave to someone who analyzed the product).

I pity the person who creates the Audible version of this; Obama is addicted do PAGES-LONG sentences, with barely a comma or semicolon in the paragraphs. The first few times, I thought it was an anomaly; after the first couple of chapters, I realized he just doesn't know how to stop. His meandering speeches, filled with verbiage, are just Who He Is.

One thing that I noticed is that he repeatedly uses "and" in writing about strings of connected examples, rather than separating them with commas. And, he often finishes off that lengthy string with the lame and weak generalized object "things".

So. Not a gifted writer. Clumsy with his sentences, and tending to run on and on and on and on and on (see how catching it is?).

But, what about the story?


He wraps that story in a flood of words, designed to obscure the fact that he is revealing nothing new. He dances around his dirtier political tricks (that TWO different politicians had their court-ordered marital records unsealed to destroy their campaigns), and airily mentions that the media got their hands on the records, with no interest in his finding out just who, of the interested parties in his campaign, might have managed to make this happen.

It just happened, 'ya know'.

Get over it - yesterday's news.

He similarly glosses over his wife's opposition to his political ambitions. Although he promises her that she will be the deciding vote on future campaigns, he brings in other people to pressure her to go along, again and again.

It's enough to almost make you have sympathy for Michelle.


There are moments of candor in the book. Obama admits his disinclination to work hard in school as a teen. He admits to his drinking, although he skims over details of his drug use. His time at Occidental is remembered in more detail - particularly the way he took over control of class discussions. That candor about his wordiness rings true, as does his recognition that he used words to cover his lack of depth in knowledge of his subject.

The Columbia years? VERY little. Suspiciously little detail. That might, in part, be covered by the fact that he was, according to his previous 'writing' about those years, wasted much of the time.

He also says little of note about the Community Organizing years, other than the broad outlines of what is known. No mention of Saul Alinsky, and his influence on the work. Nothing of Bill Ayers or other radicals. Air-brushed out of existence - this is the book that will shape the Official Story.

I do hope that you all appreciate just how much I'm sacrificing for your enlightenment. I also hope you don't spend your hard-earned money to buy a copy - it's NOT worth it.


HoundOfDoom said...

Thank you for the synopsis. It confirms that 0bama's level of literacy was sub par. It appears his gifts were primarily charismatic, and his bent for socialist governance.

Not that I'd ever waste my time on his drek.

I'm going to be curious how many hard cover copies are purchased, to move directly from the shopping bag to the shelf, never to be read, but more as a expression of bona fides among the poseurs on the left.

Hopefully I never find myself in a home with this trash, but picking up the book, flipping through the pristine, never opened pages, and a knowing look at my host would speak volumes.


Going purely from memory... aren't there at least 2-3 people who went to Columbia at the same time, even IIRC majoring in the same subject, and don't recall having met him?

Margaret Ball said...

Thank you for your service, Linda, but hadn't you better stop now? This stuff can probably cause as much brain damage as programming in COBOL did!

Col. B. Bunny said...

You are made of strong stuff to wade through that crime against humanity.

Col. B. Bunny said...

PS - I am sure his fourth autobiography will be a lot better. The Indonesian years, travels to Pakistan, his grandfather's loss of his security clearance, his father the British subject, and, of course, all those happy hours with the undercover communist agent Frank Marshall Davis.

Linda Fox said...

The college I referred to is Occidental. Obama says very little about Columbia.

If he did, he would probably answer "Primo grade of coke!"

The bulk of his purchases are probably to libraries, schools, and NGOs (same as with Michelle's book, Becoming - which was at least readable, if more than a little whiny). Check your digital catalog at your neighborhood library - likely they have HUNDREDS of copies (and, I would suspect, Leftists on staff are checking them out, to create an artificial demand justifying buying even MORE of those books).

Look for purchases where Leftists control public funds. In fact, I would suspect that their work spurs a lot of the 'demand' for the books. Likely they know just which NYC bookstores are part of the stores checked to make up the Best Seller lists - it wouldn't be hard to find that info out.