Thursday, December 3, 2020

Masks And...What?

     You think the mask mandates are bad? Want to get really upset?

     If you thought farts could just stink, think again. A new body of research suggests that farts might be the newest form of transmission to spread the COVID-19 infection.

     So far, more than 2.5 million people have been infected worldwide and the death rate has crossed to 1,77,641 as of today (April 22).

     What does the research say?

     An Australian doctor, appearing in a podcast recently alarmed citizens about a possible link between flatulence and the spread of coronavirus infection. While the doctors talked about the nationwide prevention by using masks, the doctors said that farting, albeit without wearing clothes could actually lead to the spread of the nasty infection.

     Quite a lot of stores, professionals’ offices, and so on not only require you to wear a face diaper; they also take your temperature before allowing you to enter. But what if they were to require you to prove that you’re unable to “pass one” while you’re in their establishment? I mean, you can’t be too careful these days, now can you?

     It’s one thing to hand out complimentary masks. It’s quite another to offer a prospective customer a, please forgive me, it’s too much. I can’t even bring myself to type it. And there’s this: those things are expensive. The store would surely want them back as you exit. Sterilize and make ready for the next user.

     (How would you like to be an employee responsible for any part of that procedure? Don’t Let Newsom or Cuomo see this. Please! They’d latch onto it as a stroke against unemployment. I mean, all those idled greeters would be happy to have jobs again, right?)

     There’s funny, there’s cringe-inducing yet moderately laugh-worthy, and then there’s...this.


Lord Squirrel said...

You know, considering how many people have turned into complete assholes due to WuFlu (including myself to some extent), this researcher might be on to something...


The panic porn is being dialed to ludicrous speed. Why??? IMHO because people are starting to see through it.


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Frightening, utterly frightening.

George True said...

I think the fart thing is going a bit too far. Having said that, from early on there has been a lot of evidence that the primary way by which Covid is spread is by fecal-oral contact. In so many words, someone goes number two, then does not wash their hands (or does not wash them well), then they touch a surface, then you come along and touch that surface, and then you touch your eyes, mouth, or face.

The reason Covid spread like wildfire in the nursing homes is that the majority of the patients are incontinent. The health care aides, most of whom are minimally trained and not well paid, are the ones who must clean up the incontinent patients. Even under the best of circumstances it is difficult to do so without spreading it everywhere through surface contact. (This is why rotavirus spreads so readily in nursing homes.) To make matters worse, these workers typically work at more than one facility, so they are likely spreading Covid from one nursing home to another.

The whole mask thing is such a farce because ALL of the studies have shown that masks make little or no difference in preventing viral transmission. What makes it even more of a joke is that the primary vector by which Covid is spread is fecal-oral transmission, and NOT respiratory or airborne transmission.

evilfranklin said...


Linda Fox said...

George, that is so true. The younger crowd often does not wash, instead using the hand sanitizers. Which them with CLEAN poop on their hands.
How do I know? Guys, I taught school. Often there are no paper towels in the bathrooms at schools. Used to keep a stack in my room. And, offer the classroom sink (teaching science has its perks).

Weetabix said...

I can't be spreading anything with mah toots - my butt has been wearing a mask for years. In fact the company that makes my butt masks has started making face diapers.

It's those people who go commando who are killing us all apparently.

John Henry Eden said...

These people NEVER stop.