Monday, December 21, 2020

Old News: Trump is Lying About Hunter

New News: To the COMPLETE surprise of the News Media, Hunter WAS being investigated. And, now that Trump has been defeated, Harris + ? will be the new Executives in Charge.

OK, I'm going FULL Conspiracy Theorist here:

  • The Dem candidates were a dim lot - not a charismatic one in the bunch, save a couple of Mavericks that Soros and Friends couldn't control.
  • The Solution? Get enough front-runners to quit that Joe could CLAIM front-runner status, rig an election in SC, and - by fiat - declare the primaries OVER! Spend the rest of the pre-election season rounding up the convention votes/committments to push him over the top.
  • How the hell does a woman who quit before winning ONE delegate get the VP seat? It was a back room deal, and she has shown, by her history, that she's - uh - FLEXIBLE about morality and principles.
  • Rig the general election. Don't campaign, using the WuFlu as an excuse. Just bank on
    • Forged votes from fraudulent ballots
    • Shady 'counting' at the local level
    • (Probably) rigged voting machines for any county not sufficiently Biden's to manage with traditional means
  • AFTER it will no longer affect the regular Dems choices, let the facts about Hunter come to light - WITHOUT admitting that the Orange One was right. CAN'T have THAT!
  • Use all pressure and 'persuasion' on the judges and justices to get them to dismiss without ever letting the copious evidence come to light.
  • Pressure the governors, Secretaries of States (see how useful the Soros Sec of State Project was?), and all certifying the election, to declare "It's OVER!"
  • Release the media, in full concert, to:
    • Criticize Trump as a 'Bad Sport' who LOST
    • Bury the details about fraud. Just declare that it "has been investigated, and found without merit".
    • All agree to pre-emptively call Biden "President-Elect", ask about his upcoming cabinet, and interview the Presumptive Leader and his Wife-in-Chief about all kinds of fluff. Rigorously continue the policy of shutting Trump and Melania out of the news.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat.
Yup. That's how it is done. And, a neater job of collusion in action, I've yet to see.

So. Is it All Over?

Hell, no. It's time for all Patriots to make it clear that, for tyrants, this is an ungovernable country. It's time to go underground, in every sense of the word.
  1. Set up a People's Party in Exile. Use that to sabotague the RINOs and Collaborators, without mercy.
    1. Spread the memes/stories about their collusion with the Left.
    2. Savage their hypocritical lifestyles.
    3. Out their sweetheart deals on behalf of their spouses and children.
    4. Dig into their shady finances - trust me, almost ALL of them have some scandals under the rocks.
    5. Make them useless to the Powers that promoted them.
  2. Support local homeschoolers. If a spouse has a business, patronize it. Offer assistance in running errands, donating textbooks and computers, and generally letting them know you appreciate the sacrifice they are making. If you are a retired teacher, offer tutoring help.
  3. Locally, take over the party apparatus. Show up at every meeting, support Dissident GOP/challengers - both with work, and with money, and either run for open slots, or work to get your allies the job.
  4. That goes, not just for town/city politics, but, more importantly, county-level commissions. There is a HELL of a lot of money involved (roads/bridges/insurance/water rates/etc). And, there is often little competition for the jobs - particularly in traditional Dem strongholds. By actually doing the work to get the money/votes, you will become a person of influence.
  5. Same with school boards. Support the sensible ones, work to get candidates for more radical or Leftist members of the board. Keep out people with wild-eyed politics - just regular folks.
  6. Regularly meet with other Dissidents, not to plot revolution, but to discuss local situations, and - as much as is possible - work within traditional means - show up at meetings, hand out flyers at supermarkets, etc.
  7. Communications is key - blogs, podcasts, videos, social media - all are useful, with different groups. Try to work with younger allies, and give them guest spots or recognition, when possible. Spread the recognition around - it builds allies.
There are some things to celebrate about not being in charge - you get the fun of ridiculing, carping, criticizing, and pointing out issues and errors.


Paul Bonneau said...

I've heard the old "run for school board" chestnut so often I find it hard to believe some people still don't think it is a joke. Not to mention what one would be running for: temporary, easily-ignorable-by-socialist-teachers fake "control" of the government indoctrination camps.

There was one of these outrage-triggered takeovers of a school board that I followed some years back - I can't remember the details any more, sorry. A couple of bums were given the boot, and conservative Christians finally got to "run" the show. But within 2 or 3 years, they were gone again, and the board was back in the control of the teacher's union.

"Concentrated benefits, diffuse costs", folks. You are never going to run a ruling class institution.

Get your kids out. You can do it tomorrow. Stop fooling around with pointless politics; stop letting your children be damaged.

evilfranklin said...

It took about 140 years to get to where we are today. Whatever we do will require that we take an extremely long view of our ultimate goals.
Socialism looks great to people that only want power over others. As there will always be those sort of people socialism will be with us for decades, if not centuries, to come.
Individual liberty requires the complete failure of every aspect of socialism. That's not going to happen any time soon.