Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Alea Iacta Est

     What’s that you say? I’m forbidden to use Latin in titles? Well, forbid all you like. I make the rules here–even when I break them.

     Have a few links:

     Don’t give up, Schlichter says. Winners never quit and quitters never win. It ain’t over till it’s over. Fight to the last man. It all sounds right and proper...until you ask the key question: How?

     Sarah puts an unusual spin on the ball. The way she approaches it, the “world ends” rather frequently, and we all get up the next morning, shoulder our crosses, and carry on, because...well, because that’s what we do. And it is so. But is there any reason why it should be so, world without end, amen?

     Conrad Black’s brief essay irritated me greatly. It put me in mind of something I’ve been saying to others quite a lot lately: Confidence is what you feel just before you get blindsided. The election certainly blindsided decent Americans–not because “Biden won”–he didn’t–but because it was stolen so blatantly, with such “they’ll never do anything to us” arrogance and insouciance...and it appears that they were right. The assurance their stolen victory will bring them will translate to outright dismissal of all legal, moral, and Constitutional constraints. America is about to become an omnipotent oligarchy that operates behind a figurehead of a president.

     Now we come to Wes Rhinier’s essay:

     I will fight not because I desire it, but because I cannot justify any other course of action – when the enemy attacks, you must fight – you must kill or you will die.

     This country is done! Pick your side. Choose wisely. Prepare for the most brutal war that this world has ever seen. It’s coming. I don’t think anything stops it now. Hopefully we can set things right if we win, or at least die trying.

     The fight is unavoidable at this time. Freedom is on the line. The whole world is on the line. This is it boys, if America falls to this coup, darkness will take over the world. We owe these traitors nothing: not respect, not decency, nor mercy. We Owe Them Nothing!!!

     The time for talk is over. Sides have been chosen. Their side is openly at War. We just wanted to be left alone to raise our families in peace. Sadly they are not going to give us that option.

     This is our time. It’s why we are here at this point in time in history. It’s what we were born for. It’s time to fight for freedom.

     Stirring, eh? Reminiscent of Patrick Henry, even. But war is a young man’s game...younger, at least, than I and most of the blogging colleagues with whom I keep in touch. Most of us old farts can’t participate directly, though we could contribute money and supplies. So we must ask: On which side are the majority of the young folks?

     Right. The other side.

     The most fatuous of all notions is that we could possibly reclaim the Republic from the thieves by electoral means. Yet Conrad Black seems to believe it:

     The Republicans are Trump’s party now and he has enabled it to encroach upon the traditional black, Hispanic, and working-class base of the Democrats. He’s by far the most popular as well as the most unpopular political leader in the country, and the only one for whom scores of thousands of people will stand for hours in the cold and rain for an opportunity to hear him in person.

     Six months of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will generate vertiginous nostalgia for Donald Trump. Then will come the third and final round of the Great Trump War.

     There will be no "third and final round of the Great Trump War." There will be war, or capitulation. Evil forces have seized control of our electoral apparatus. They have guaranteed by performance that they can bend any election to their preferences by multiple fraudulent means, yet not be called to account. How can a sensible man–say, a Conrad Black–think that once the amoralists of the Left have succeeded in stealing the highest office in the nation, they won't thereafter steal any other office they set their hearts on?

     Does no one else remember that elections are supposed to obviate warfare -- that "ballots are a substitute for bullets?" If we cannot trust in the reliability of our elections, we cannot trust in anything that flows from them. No institution of American government can retain the legitimacy that elections confer upon it, when the elections themselves have been corrupted. We have been absolutely disenfranchised.

     There are only two paths before us: armed insurrection, and abject surrender. The Left’s theft of our electoral apparatus has foreclosed all others.

     I wish I could be more optimistic. Frankly, unless President Trump’s efforts to have the theft of the election overturned and some honest measure of sentiment put in its place, I can’t see anything but darkness in our future. The Left is relentless. Once they have the levers of power in their hands, they will use them without restraint. Whatever you’ve read or heard about the end of cash, capitalism, and private property, the erection of an eco-Nazi regime, more pointless wars in distant places, or a “Great Reset,” the reality is likely to be worse. And barring the reactivation of the Draft—something else the Left has pressed for, albeit sotto voce, for decades—the majority of young Americans will support all of it.

     “Alea iacta est” – “The die is cast” – is supposedly what Julius Caesar said as he ordered his legions to cross the Rubicon, thus beginning his invasion of the heart of the Roman Republic and his destruction of its ancient polity. He knew he was taking a committal step, one that could not be retraced should the sequel go badly for him. From then on it was win or die.

     The die has been cast—by the enemies of the American Republic. They too, have begun a “win or die” campaign. And they will win if they’re not opposed by equal or greater forces. If they are not to win, someone must make them die.




Thanks for the dark observations. :(

Yes, war is often a young man's game. But remember that while some are used to no-resistance violence in the streets, sometimes even with tacit police help... it's another thing entirely when a group sniper team drops several of your buddies in a volley from 200 yards or more.

A good friend of mine owns part of an island. I thought that'd be an excellent place to hole up. He said - as I looked across a 1/2 mile or more to shore - that shore was too close and well within rifle fire distance.


Most of these people have grown up on video games. They're not going to like the taste of reality when it comes to combat.

Arthur said...

"On which side are the majority of the young folks?

Right. The other side."

And who told you that? Who repeats that constantly, incessantly?

Oh right, the people who want you to lay down and die.

Francis W. Porretto said...

How old are you, Arthur? You don't know where I get my information, any more than I know where you get yours, so try not to be a supercilious asshole.

Watch your tone when you comment here. I'm quick to ban even when I'm in a good mood.

dmv gringo said...

Nothing says freedom of speech like banning and censorship.

tkdkerry said...

There is no free speech in someone else's living room, which is where we are right now. I'm all in with the proprietor of this establishment, be nice or risk banishment.