Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Embarras De Richesse

     Hey, there are nearly 7000 posts here! Do you think I’m supplied with the titles for these bits of fluff out of the luminiferous ether or something? Just relax, kick back, and have a few squibs with the associated links.

1. It’s No Longer Debatable.

     The Dominion voting machines were specifically designed to enable massive fraud:

     “We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.

     The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors. The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail. This leads to voter or election fraud.

     Based on our study, we conclude that The Dominion Voting System should not be used in Michigan. We further conclude that the results of Antrim County should not have been certified.

     Dominion’s systems were used in 28 of the lower 48 states. If there’s anyone out there still ranting that “there’s no evidence,” show him this. If he persists, he’s the enemy–and there’s no point in trying to reason with the enemy.

2. What’s That? You Need More Evidence?

     “The ends determine the means. A hen is only an egg’s device for producing another egg.” – James Blish, The Triumph of Time

     Gateway Pundit’s Larry Johnson has the dirt. Here are the most damning bits:

     In Central Lake Township, for example, 81.96% of the 1,491 total ballots cast were adjudicated, which means that the decision about who received the vote was made by election personnel.
     All the ADJUDICATION logs for the November 2020 election cycle are missing while the files for previous years still exist. The lack of current records prevents any form of audit accountability.
     All server security logs prior to 11:03 pm on November 4, 2020 are missing. This means that all security logs for the day after the election, on election day, and prior to election day are gone. These logs contain domain controls, authentication failures, error codes, times users logged on and off, network connections to file servers between file accesses, internet connections, times, and data transfers.
     An unauthorized user unsuccessfully attempted to zero out election results on November 21, 2020.

3. Can It Be Done?

     The Feral Irishman has laid out what appears to me to be a sound plan for averting the theft of the election by entirely Constitutional means. But I’d rather that no one take my word for it. Read the plan; compare it with the Constitution’s provisions for presidential elections, and decide for yourself.

4. Dueling Electors.

     It seems that six swing states have tapped two slates of electors each, an obvious invitation to Congress to resolve the clash. This has prospects, especially since it was revealed that the Dominion voting systems were literally designed to steal an election. Factor this into the citation above, and see what you think. One possible outcome:

     Academics have sketched out several scenarios. Under one, Pence as president of the Senate could throw out both sets of a state’s electors. Another contemplates that the House of Representatives would end up choosing between Biden and Trump. [This scenario would give one vote to each state and since the Republicans have more states with Republican majorities, President Trump would likely be the winner]. There is even a scenario in which the Speaker of the House, currently Democrat Nancy Pelosi, could become acting president.

     (In Mr. Spock’s voice:) Fascinating.

5. Here and There.

     Not to exhaust my Gentle Readers’ patience, here are some columns I found worthwhile (but will forbear to comment on). Perhaps you will, too:

     Lots of good, pithy stuff for your entertainment and edification.

6. In Closing For Today.

     It’s vital that we in the Right keep our hopes up. There remain possibilities for undoing the theft of the presidency. But it will come to naught if we go limp, for a simple reason: we are the one and only force stiffening Republican spines.

     Let your GOP representatives know that you will back them to the hilt, regardless of any and all opposition or consequences...but only if they back President Trump and get him another four years in the White House, as he deserves. Betray the president and we’ll mete out punishment of a sort you won’t like, Republican officeholders!

     Remember always that hope only dies when its holder abandons it:

     The party was a success, in most ways. All the invitees, including Louis Redmond and a tall, husky young Aerostructures engineer named Kevin Conway, attended as promised. Those who already knew one another were as genial to the others as the Sumners could have hoped. The bounties of Adrienne’s buffet, supplemented by a black forest cake from Rosalie and a high-domed peach pie from Allison, were devoured nearly to the tablecloth. Sumner noted with some amusement that Redmond made a point of having a piece of each of the Markham sisters’ offerings, and of being seen to do so.
     Conversation was generally fluid. As Adrienne had predicted, her sisters chatted up the two single men with no apparent concern for their youth. Redmond and Conway remained visibly relaxed and cordial throughout the evening. Yet whenever a Markham sister approached either engineer, the other one would immediately join them, with the other sister close behind him. The two pairs interacted as inseparable teams throughout the evening. At a few minutes after ten, Redmond and Conway said their good-byes, thanked the Sumners for inviting them to the party, and left simultaneously.
     Rosalie and Allison Markham were clearly not pleased. Neither was Adrienne. When all the guests had departed, as the Sumners cleaned up from the buffet, Adrienne said “What happened? Did someone say something offensive, or did you invite the only two homosexuals at OA?”
     Sumner straightened up with a start. “Sweetie!”
     “Well, then what, Steve?” She stood with arms akimbo. “Are Louis and Kevin under vows of celibacy? Allie couldn’t take her eyes off Kevin, and Ro was practically panting after Louis. They were so obvious I thought I might have to ask them to stand on a drop cloth.”
     He burst into amazed laughter, and she joined him.
     Presently he said “Where did you come up with that...turn of phrase?”
     She shrugged. “Inspiration of the moment. Seriously, Steve, I’ve never seen women as ready to fall into a man’s arms as those two were tonight. But they didn’t even shake hands with them, unless it happened when I wasn’t looking.”
     “And I’ll bet you were looking whenever you weren’t carrying stuff to or from the kitchen,” he said.
     “Pretty much.” She peered into the punchbowl, which was practically dry, hefted it and strode to the kitchen. “It must have been a good party. We usually have a little something left for lunch the next day.”
     She lowered the bowl gingerly into the sink and turned to him. “Hm?”
     “This was their first acquaintance. I don’t know Louis all that well, but I’d guess that he isn’t the sort to leap at a woman on first meeting her. Maybe Kevin is just as reserved. I barely know him at all, so I can’t say. I’ll ask a few folks who know them better on Monday. But we did plan to do this more than once, didn’t we?”
     “Well, yes.”
     He took her hands. “So as we used to say in Ted Guillory’s office, ‘Don’t lose heart...’”
     Her eyes twinkled. “‘They might want to cut it out...’”
     He beamed. “‘And they’d rather avoid a lengthy search.’”
     She nodded. “Okay.”

     And do have a nice day.

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