Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The insufferable arrogance of "The Great Reset."

Following close on the heels of those who decided (1) the West needed to be flooded with supremacist Muslims, voodoo worshippers, and assorted other unassimalables, and (2) the industrial base of the United States just had to be relocated to the shores of a communist dictatorship there is now "The Great Reset" pushed by Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, with a personal following numberswise somewhere in the neighborhood of the Chinese national ping pong team.

We need to revisit the expression, "You may not be interested in war but war is interested in you." Sometimes attributed to Trotsky it's insightful no matter who came up with it, capturing as it does how complete strangers can decide all by their lonesome to involve you in the unspeakable. Not that war's that unspeakable in the minds of posh people these days, but that's another story.

Anyway, here we have the poshest of all the posh people deciding that you are on the order of a piss ant and that you can be dispossessed, your life turned upside down, a workable economic systems trashed, elections turned into a charade, and the entire world placed under totalitarian control because . . . because "we" need to reach a state of "net zero." I mean, who would dig in his or her heels about "climate change," "diversity," or nation-destroying covid-19 hysteria and lies unless he or she were a moronic bitter clinger perversely averse to worshipping George Soros and his private army of AntiFa and prosecutor filth.

The arrogance part about all this is where I see these powdered saints scheming to stand astride the world, hurl thunderbolts, and remake it all according to some inspired thinktankery and orb gazing when they've done all in their power to wreck the existing perfectly workable economic and social system. Procrustus call your office. Or is it Icarus? Every existing metric you can think of has defaulted to depravity, lunacy, or tragedy under their watch as power has been centralized, the people silenced, disenfranchised and propagandized, plutocracy celebrated, and pointless wars transformed into an amusing pastime. With that track record these swine show up saying they have A Plan and trust us to get it right. Uneffing believable.

A choice take on this from SkyNews:


Paul Bonneau said...

In the world of electronics and computers, a reset circuit is something that, when triggered, takes the machine BACK to a known good, initial state.

I have a suspicion that one of the reasons the ruling thugs started talking about resets is that they needed to appropriate the word for their own use, mostly to prevent us having it. After all, the *last* thing they want is to bring society BACK to a known good, initial state. Instead, they are pushing ever forward to their preferred, globalist paradise. Like the dystopia, "This Perfect Day" by Ira Levin. But where we are actually headed is the Blue Screen of Death. Time for a reboot AKA reset.

It's patriots and nationalists who are going to accomplish the real reset.

Col. B. Bunny said...

An excellent point. They want us to think something good will be restored rather than something sick. But you said that.

Arguably related, I saw Jimmy Dore extolling the beauty of Medicare For All. He has his moments when he departs from the Borg but there he was pushing a stupendous federal power grab. Even now, we have Intellectual But Idiot people completely clueless about the urgent necessity to reverse the disastrous centralization in the last 107 (16A) years. Not to mention health care not being a federal function.

Same with Glenn Greenwald who today described Orban as a would-be despot. Here's a very insightful commentator who can't see that Orban is the poster boy for standing up to Soros and the EU scum suckers and protecting the rights and interests of Hungarians. What can you trust from his keyboard if he can't grasp the imperative of devolution?