Saturday, December 5, 2020

More on GA

I found this comment on The Gateway Pundit (commenter was Tom Davis):

Recent Activity:
-GOP Senate passes visa giveaway by unanimous consent
-GOP Senate defies Trump on Section 230 in NDAA
-Four GOP Senators meet with Schumer at AIBC to negotiate amnesty
-Loeffler and Perdue commit to making deals with Biden (on video)
- Kemp can't meet Pence in Savannah, because of a "family emergency"
- Loeffler can't attend GA rally because her staffer died in an "accident."

Loeffler isn't even the legit R-Candidate for the Senate runoff.

Doug Collins won over 50% & KLoeffler lost. She & her husband are in over their heads in Communist China money. That is why she does not demand GA legislature be ordered into special session.

- Lin Wood

I'm more than angry about the disloyalty shown by so many in the GOP. The suspicion is: Are they TRYING to lose GA, and keep their dirty little secrets under cover? It sure looks like it.

I'm in the mood - Burn it ALL down! I'm sincerely HOPING that Trump's next move is to Release ALL the information, even that which hurts the GOP. We need to root out those little weasels. The closed-door deals, the nasty little blackmails, the money behind the legislator/judge.

ALL of it. NONE of them should ever be in office again, nor permitted near any enterprise touching on government activity.


Chuckusa said...

Sometimes it truly appears that God has taken sick leave or has just gone fishing for a spell. This is one of those times. On the other hand, whenever I start aching all over with worry, I have to ask myself what I know about the future, which is absolutely nothing. I only know the past. In reviewing the past, pretty much nothing ever turned out like I thought it would. Why is that? Am I just too stupid to put the pieces together, or is the world a constantly changing fluid dynamic that no human can truly decipher? All I know, really, is that I continue to be amazed at the miracle given to me called "family", the miracle of watching snow silently and beautifully cover a multitude of sins, the miracle of peace and of true love. These current times are hard times indeed, uncertain times. But as I've grown older, I realize that the root of my concern about these times comes from my love of those I will leave behind, and those yet to be born. I want them to have a chance to see and feel and live the things I find precious, the things that have made me what I am. So I worry and I fret and I curse the evil Democrats and Leftists and curse the horse they rode in on. But in all that, I recognize perhaps one of the greatest gifts of all....the ability to fight for survival, the idea that my efforts will come to fruition if I don't give up, that there is always hope, that good can overcome evil. As long as you can draw a breath, speak peace and love into the world, embrace those gifts which can be fleeting, take hold of a human hand and say something may have been a while since you have done that. But most of all, realize that the chess pieces are being moved to the proper place at all times, there are no mistakes....all is well. Merry Christmas.

George True said...

"...I have to ask myself what I know about the future, which is absolutely nothing."

You are in good company. To wit :

"One thing they never taught me at West Point, nor have I been able to learn since then, is how to predict the future."
- General Raymond Odierno

"Predictions are hard, especially about the future."
- Yogi Berra

Stuart said...

Lin Wood is a long time Democrat and large donor.
Tells Republicans to boycott the election.
Make sense now?

Col. B. Bunny said...

I once tried to read The Brothers Karamazov by Shakespeare but I was repelled by the self destructive personality of the main character and put it down. I hate to reveal what a rube I am but there you are.

Now I feel like I'm in a dream where I'm reading 500 of such books all at the same time, a different chapter every ten minutes. The Sidney Powells, Rudy Giulianis, Andrew Breitbarts, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyns, Oriana Fallacis, Victor Orbans, Marine Le Pens, George MacDonald Frasers, Ann Coulters, Melissa Carbones, George Orwells, and Ronald Reagans seem few and far between. Few seem willing to call out the primitives and the sellouts, and giant forces seem arrayed to silence the lesser lights willing to step forward or reward the mediocre or the ignorant.

All political and economic power seems to have floated up into a giant Island of Laputa inhabited by insipid beings with zero comprehension of what conflagrations their matches will ignite. Not a one seems to have any understanding or awareness of the interests of the citizens as a whole. All seem fixated by some abstract notion or vaporous "cause." Every political decision is either an insult to common sense or a gift to amorphous combinations of people who attend spirit cooking parties, like underage girls, and paint their noses blue.