Friday, December 18, 2020

Never Thought I'd Say This, But...

I agree with Tom Cruise, in this case.

He started filming a new Misson Impossible movie. He was only able to get financing and insurance, because he assured them he would follow the strictest rules.

When he saw some people on the set in too close contact, he went ballistic, in a way that resembled his most over-the-top comments in any movie. F-bombs, threats, and all.

But, he was right. He had put his money and reputation on the line. He hired people on the premise that they would adhere to the rules completely.

And, they did not. So, yes, he shouted, swore, and threatened them.

Not a nice guy.

But, as he pointed out, those guys' actions threatened people's livelihoods. There were people working in that production, and in the industry, who were on the verge of bankruptcy. Not stars, average working guys. The industry was looking to them to be able to handle their work professionally, and in a way that would release a lot of money to give the industry a chance to survive.

No, not nice. Were the restrictions necessary?

Probably not. But, they were in the sense that a non-essential industry was NOT going to recover, unless they lived up to the rules. The insurers would not take a chance on them. 

And, Tom's reputation was on the line.

So, yeah, he lost it.

Whatever you say about Cruise, no one says that he is not professional. He is on time, doing his job, and delivering the product, as ordered. With his full cooperation in promotion, as well. A lot of people's income depends on what he does.

I don't like the stupid restrictions. But, I abided by them, when I went around selling Medicare insurance. If I needed to mask up, I masked up. I had a choice; do it, or don't work.

So, I did it. And, when in schools, the rules are clear - mask up or don't work. When I sub, I wear a mask.

Now, I would hope that, fairly soon, the rules change. As soon as it is no longer legally required to wear them, my masks will be heading to the trash. I don't like the way that Leftists have used private entities to enforce their stupid rules and prohibitions. A Supreme Court with some guts would, long ago, have stricken down rules that used corporate muscle to enforce anti-Constitutional mandates.

But, the SP is what it is - spineless. And, until that changes, when the boss says wear a mask, you wear a mask.


Francis W. Porretto said...

-- I don't like the way that Leftists have used private entities to enforce their stupid rules and prohibitions. --

The power of the state to license and regulate businesses has proved to be far more pernicious than beneficial. Now that the great majority of Americans work for some kind of business -- usually organized as a corporation -- the destructive magnitude of that power stands revealed.

Linda Fox said...

True. But, the government's willingness to outsource violations of your rights, and the courts to let that go, unchallenged, is what is driving these abuses.
The insurance companies, fearing lawsuits, are making these demands, as are banks. Corporate businesses, rightly fearing ambulance chasers suing them into bankruptcy, are taking the path of least resistance.
But, it starts with making businesses enforce rules that are violations of the Constitution.
I don't blame the businesses, as they fear being shutdown, if they don't enforce the rules.

Francis W. Porretto said...

-- I don't blame the businesses, as they fear being shutdown, if they don't enforce the rules. --

That's what powers all the rest of it, Linda.
Back during the "informed consent / assumption of risk" era, businesses didn't face the prospect of financial ruination from something like this. Today the State is essentially omnipotent over them. It might not have been intended to be this way, but the potential was always there.

George True said...

A good example of the government outsourcing its powers of enforcement is with the medical establishment and Covid. Back in March I asked my doctor for a script for Hydroxychloriquine. He said no way. I told him I needed it because I was going to the Solomon Islands, and I needed it to ward off Malaria. He said he still couldn't do it, as the State of Arizona had sent out a notice to all doctors and medical institutions warning them in so many words that they could have their license to practice medicine revoked if they prescribed HCL for any reason. Ditto for Ivermectin.

Last time I checked, it was legal for a doctor to prescribe any medication off-label (for a purpose other that what the drug was originally intended) as long as the patient was fully informed, and as long as the doctor believed the potential benefit was greater than any potential risks. And yet here we are, with doctors enforcing the state's illegal edicts.

Since government at all levels is now a more prolific lawbreaker by several orders of magnitude than We the People, perhaps it is time to 'outsource' the means by which the Constitution is upheld. After all, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.