Wednesday, September 16, 2020

100 Years Ago, a Bomb Went Off at Wall Street

It was in the run-up to the 1920 election, which, BTW, the GOP won. And, presided over one of the longer stretches of economic good times up to that point. In that time period, the nation transitioned from mostly rural, to cities crammed with new residents. The average standard of living soared.

NOT mentioned in's coverage of the 'incident' is that the shooter, Aaron Alexis, had a prior record of shooting up a construction site near his home. He got a waiver of that record to enlist in the Naval Reserves. His record in the Navy was NOT great.

He was sworn into the Naval Reserves in 2007 and received an honorable discharge for a “pattern of misconduct” in 2011, CNN reported.

In one incident in 2008, Alexis was arrested in DeKalb County, Ga., on a charge of disorderly conduct. In 2010, he was arrested by police in Fort Worth after he allegedly fired a bullet through his ceiling into the apartment above. He was never charged.  

I'm at a loss to understand just how that discharge could possibly be 'honorable'. It sounds to me as though the Navy just wanted to get rid of him, ASAP.

That Day in History's description of the event is limited in blaming any particular person or organization for the bombing; it takes multiple paragraphs before the writers grudgingly admit that the culprits were likely anarchists or other Leftists:
With the first Red Scare still in full swing, most of the finger pointing soon centered on anti-capitalist communist and anarchist groups, which had been blamed for dozens of other bombings dating back to the 19th century.

I like how they use the words "Red Scare", as though Leftist violence was not happening. Somehow, those same people using that term never seem to mention that the person who was responsible for the events underlying that term - the Palmer Raids - was the Democrat Woodrow Wilson - the guy who first brought in all the Educated Elite to teach the Deplorables of his time how to properly govern.

But, this continued in American government, over and over again.

Under FDR, the Left was brought wholesale into the government bureaucracy. The Ag Dept. was seeded with their ilk - among them, Alger Hiss. For a fuller discussion of this, read Witness or Diana West's American Betrayal. Both deal with that time period, and, to some extent, with the period during which the GOP actually tried to root the Left out of government.

I'm not going to go further into the takeover of the machinery of government by the Left in this post. What I want to focus on is several specific actions of the Left, who repeatedly used violence to try to destroy America:

Leftist violence has a long history in this country. After the election, Trump needs to swing into action to take those elements off the streets, and nip the attempted takeover in the bud.

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