Friday, September 4, 2020

CDC - COVID Deaths are Mislabeled

Well, they don't exactly admit it, but, that's what is happening.

I found this link to Victory Girls, where they focus on the CDC report that shows that they have KNOWN that the 'crisis' was heavily manufactured. Other bloggers have also written about it, as well. The Gateway Pundit also had a post about this data.

And, yet, hardly a whisper about the news that, no, COVID will likely NOT kill you. Even Granny is relatively safe, unless, of course, the governor is a Dem.

In that case, make sure Gran's life insurance is paid up, and the will is up-to-date.

This isn't, despite my snide remarks, funny. I, and most of my friends and acquaintances, fall into that potentially vulnerable category of 65+. Many of us have co-morbidities, most commonly excess weight.

Around May of this year, after enough reports supporting the role that obesity plays in COVID deaths, I joined Weight Watchers (I get no compensation for this). I've lost around 20 pounds, and am working to keep the loss going. Aside from improving my odds of surviving an illness, it's been great for my joints to get the weight off. If other seniors take the same tack, the result could be not only longer life, but a more healthy and comfortable one, as well.

The hot spots for this illness need to have their medical claims investigated - at the very least, they have been careless with labeling deaths due to COVID. At worst, this amounts to medical fraud.

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