Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Never Interrupt Your Enemy When He's Making a YUGE Mistake

Which the Left is doing, in the cities, right now.

They decided to Go Hard Left in the places where their most fervent supporters live. In doing so, they have destroyed the cities - NYC, San Fransisco, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Chicago, IL - just to name the top locations.

Well, I know it's hard to believe, but some of the same people who were going all "You GO, Gurl/KindaGurl!" when the Glorious Masses erupted into Completely Spontaneous Rebellion - just EXACTLY like that wonderful Broadway show, Les Miserables, the HardCore Committed Left (pocketbooks only, none of that icky street action) saw what the city had become, and - virtually as a group - left.

As in, NOT coming back, I'm Outa Here for Good.

Although they shed tears of regret about losing their Amazing, Vibrant City Experience, they resolutely turned their wagons to the lesser cities of the South, Interior (OMZ! The roads are actually PAVED in those backwards locations! And they have Indoor Plumbing!), and anywhere that is 50-100 miles away from the Urban Hellholes that they created.

And, the prior residents are saying, "There goes the Neighborhood!"

I agree with Steyn - this is a Fork in the Road. I'm NOT willing to cede all of the coastal areas to the Left - rather, I'm willing to cede SMALL sections - western OR and WA, Eastern NYC and Boston, and perhaps a few non-contiguous regions in the Chicago-Milwaukee areas.

That's IT.

If Leftists want to stay in the rest of the country, they can sign an oath of allegiance to the Constitution - minus all Amendments after the 15th. Meaning NO federal income tax, no regulation on alcohol (and, by extension, other substances). Parents will be responsible for keeping their kids unaltered - if they come to school intoxicated, they can be kicked out. Parents' problem, then - either home school them, or enroll them online. Not my problem.

You get pregnant? Your problem. We'll house you in barracks-style fashion, feed you and provide basic medical care for you and your kids.

That's it.

A person in that housing comes in loaded or otherwise engages in criminal behavior? That person is out. If no family member will take the kids, we'll put them up for adoption.

Don't like it? Don't abuse the privilege.

Public schooling? Available for those needing special education - that's often an expensive type of schooling (in less populated areas, this may mean residential/long commutes). Otherwise, we'll provide a set amount for families. If they want to use the public schools, that will cover the cost. If you want to send your kid to other schools, or homeschool, it's yours to keep/spend as you wish.

Roads? If a local community finds the roads unacceptable, they can either:
  • Apply for funds from the state. Spend it on the best company that bids.
  • Go down to the local hardware store, buy the materials to patch holes, and DIY. Save the receipt, take a picture of the hole - before and after - and the geotagged photo can be sent for reimbursement. Heck, they can even arrange for a tax credit for those who did the work.
  • Live with the ruts.
Families can contract for snow removal, salting, garbage pickup, and - what the hell - protection for their community - police and fire. No permanent pension guarantees, just matching for private retirement savings. If a group wants to band together for a VOLUNTARY group retirement fund, they can - but no obligations from the community.

No more letting the Leftists come in and take over. Heck, go ahead and put restrictions on voting/holding office for newcomers. Make them EARN their right to participate (military experience might count for exemption).


Mountain Rat said...

Nice fantasy, what color is the sky in your world?

Don't get me wrong, I don't disagree with anything you wrote but on what freakin planet do you think any of that is going to happen?

Paul Bonneau said...

"western OR and WA"

These areas are actually, mostly conservative. Outside of Portland, there are a couple of university towns - Corvallis and especially Eugene - that are hard left. But even Salem, the state capital is borderline. All those farming towns in the valley, all those fishing towns on the coast, all those logging towns in the coast and Cascade ranges, not very leftish. What we need to do is give the lefties the 3 Portland-area counties, and then take the rest. Encourage the commies in Eugene to move out. Those 3 counties are worth something, much commerce including an international seaport (if it's still running, not sure about that). But no need to let them have western Oregon.

As to your other plans, far too tame in my opinion. There should be no tax-funding of schools AT ALL. We already know where that would lead. Note, parents with special ed kids are among the first that abandoned government schools for homeschooling.

Tar said...

"I'm NOT willing to cede all of the coastal areas to the Left - rather, I'm willing to cede SMALL sections - western OR and WA, Eastern NYC and Boston, and perhaps a few non-contiguous regions in the Chicago-Milwaukee areas."

"Cede", Linda? Perish the thought. I'd be happy to SIEGE those areas, penning the insurrectionists inside the dangerous, unsanitary shitholes they've created for themselves... and then make salients into the zones, systematically chopping them up and clearing them, piece by piece, restricting the enemy to less and less territory, and processing and removing those who surrender. Some may be salvageable Americans; others will need to be exiled.

But all that LAND? Those cities and structures may be degraded after decades of being inhabited by resident who didn't give a shit about them, but the LAND is quite valuable. Much like with the Old West, just need to clear out the savages making it dangerous, and send in hard-working, ambitious, resourceful people to make something of it. We can do it just like the Old West, too: once the land is cleared, Gov't parcels it up per the new city plan, and people can lay claim to it and settle it. As long as the settlers improve their claimed land by a set date (build a home or business on it), they get to keep it.


Linda Fox said...

Yeah, this is a rosy look at harsh reality. Unlikely, but about the least disruptive outcome.

I'm generally not in favor of putting someone's back against the wall - not that they don't deserve it, or that they wouldn't do the same to us, should they gain the upper hand.

But, pushing someone to a point where they have nothing to lose is a bad tactic. Even rats fight back when cornered.

It's also cheaper in the long run to use bribes to get people to go away. They will be back in a few years, crying and begging for welfare again, but that gives us a little breathing room to solidify our gains.

Or not. I just re-read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and I fear that the somewhat dismal ending may be inevitable. Only solution is to go off into the wilderness, and avoid people completely.