Friday, September 11, 2020

But, It's Too Early for my October Surprise!

 And, I didn't get you anything!

Schiff is at it again. SURPRISINGLY, he has yet another IMPEACHABLE 'witness', who claims to be able to put Trump in the middle of the target (ooooh, sorry, was that too - I hesitate to use the word - TRIGGERING?)

This has reached a level beyond parody. If comedians had ANY integrity, they'd be all over this, making it a major part of their act.

SNL would feature a paranoid Schiff, scurrying around looking for imaginary enemies, and blaming Trump for everything. (But, it's hard to parody by going FURTHER - it just isn't possible)

What else?

  • Stock Market downturn - too early
  • Riots in the streets - nah, bro, the last time, the cops got deputized by the Feds, and now little Derek and Phelishia's parents have refused to fund further studies if they get arrested again.
  • Climate catastrophes - nah, the rubes have finally gotten wise to the reality that the blame rests on the Left-controlled state.
  • COVID? People are starting to notice that the trend is NOT up-ticking. And, the parents are getting REALLY tired of the teachers calling it off, and are pulling their kids out of public school.
  • Congress start another Russia/other investigation? Other than losers like Schiff, that's a dead horse. Politicians are starting to worry about their OWN seats, and squashing efforts that might put their re-election in jeopardy.
The only option that remains is a bullet - Trump, you MIGHT want to reinforce your 'unofficial' security guys.

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squeeky's mom said...

I said some years ago that Ted Cruz should be considered for the Supreme Court. Awesome intellect and a first class legal mind. And that was before he was elected. He has argued cases in front of the Supreme Court at least 13 times and won them all. Which borders on the unimaginable.