Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Occasions Of Joy

     You may have noticed, Gentle Reader, that I’ve been trending somewhat away from the political / current events crap and toward...well, just about anything else. There are reasons, of course. Foremost among them is that I’m near to despair over it all and find that I must direct my attention elsewhere if I’m not to haul out the Barrett M82, the twelve-pack of Yoo-Hoo® and the emergency package of Oreo Double-Stufs® and climb the nearest clock tower.

     There must be reasons to take pleasure in life. There must be celebrations, satisfactions, games, pastimes, and simple moments of relaxation and contentment. “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” – Paul Hogan. God designed human life as He did because He wants us to live it as it stands, not to turn it into a marathon of fear, suffering, and lamentation. That’s my major beef with the Church’s doctrines about “mortification:” It contradicts God’s Plan as expressed in the bodies, minds, and souls of men.

     Jesus turned huge barrels of water into a most excellent wine entirely for the sake of the wedding celebrants at Cana. Remember what He said just before He did as the Blessed Mother asked? “My time is not yet.” When Mom put the screws to Him by telling the servants “Do whatever He tells you,” He knew He was “on the spot”...and He came through big time.

     So the C.S.O. and I have been concentrating on finding and luxuriating in our occasions of joy. As it happens, we have a four-footed one that provides us with an ample selection.

     The newest member of our furry family, Newfoundland puppy Joy, is about five months old. She’s a continuous delight in all ways...well, maybe not when she wakes us at 2:00 AM for a trip outside to relieve herself, but nearly all the rest of the time. The purity of her delight in things too simple to express is a reminder of the joys of childhood, before we became obsessed with money, careers, opportunities, advancement...and the news.

     A case in point: Joy likes yogurt. A lot. Especially Stonyfield’s Whole Milk Vanilla. (Hey, I like it, too.) And she likes it best when she can immerse herself in the yogurt-eating experience. That happens about once every three days. Herewith, a few photos of the most recent occasion:

     First, we have Joy becoming alert to the approach of yogurt:

     I get mine first, of course. (Hey, having opposable thumbs entitles me to some privileges!) Joy waits her turn semi-patiently:

     Ah, but when it gets here:

     Then there’s the afterglow, which the C.S.O and I consider particularly memorable:

     These have been just a few moments of joy with Joy. I provide them in the hope that they’ll cushion you against the effects of the national news. Do have a nice day.


Carol said...

Yeah - I am in the same state of despair and a not insignificant amount of confusion. If I DON'T read the news, I'm afraid something is happening or going to happen that I do not know about. But, if I DO read all of this stuff it is disheartening to say the least. So, thank you for sharing your sweet moment of Joy!

Linda Fox said...

What I've learned in my life:
- Don't despair - every day starts afresh, and you are MEANT to arise with hope and joy.
- Every day, do something that is just for you - sing a song, dance like no one is watching, be still and meditate, eat something that is bad for you. Savor the indulgences of life. Tell jokes. Laugh.

The world may crash into anarchy, war, and pestilence.

So what?

It's the only world we have. What we do is important, but - if it is destined to be as part of God's plan, it is hubris to interfere with it.

So, yes, do what you can.

But, also, go to bed, satisfied that you have done all a HUMAN can do. Say a quick prayer - "Thy will be done" works for me. Then go to sleep and enjoy the rest.

Valley Trash said...

Such a sweetheart! I live in North Dakota now. Just sold my townhome.
I go in next week for heart stents. Please keep me in your Prayers. Joy is beautiful!

SWVAguy said...

My son, who lives at home, has a black lab mix. The pooch is a bit of a psycho, but he's fun to watch.
As far as Joy, you are blessed. Simple things, such as simple kindnesses, are what sustains us, keeps us sheltered from the madness we are seeing.
The great joy of my life is my grandson, whose 2nd birthday is tomorrow. He's now learning to be himself. He's funny and he knows it. He loves music, particulary the Travelling Wilburys "End of the Line." He dances and claps his hands to it, and when he wants to hear it, which is often, he says poppy (me), "alright," which comes up in the song a number of times. Don't know what I'd do without him. God, in his benevolence, has gifted him to us.
Let us all be Joyful. Glad to "know" you all.