Sunday, September 6, 2020

Working hypothesis.

The reality is that the global economy was broken by these lock downs and the now indisputable over-reaction by governments to effect fundamental political change and oust Trump from power.[1]
The key tell that there's an unannounced agenda was the heavy-handed censorship and duplicity surrounding the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine. Someone with the ability to control "the narrative" on multiple fronts did not want the notion of effective early treatment to see the light of day. I know of at least one congenial and quite nonpolitical vlogger, Praveen Mohan, who made some innocuous comment about HCQ and found himself the target of YouTube harassment. Bam. Problems with his account.

The other tell is the paucity of official statistics that make an attempt to provide some perspective about the scamdemic. Information issued but nothing reflecting intelligent analysis. No info on infections/deaths compared to other afflictions, vulnerability according to age, comorbidity, danger of residence in assisted living, etc. Nothing reflecting a search for perspective of any kind.

Another was the creepy emphasis on development of an entirely new vaccine, from a standing start already, which would save us. No doubt about it. Cost? Mandatory or voluntary? Strange silence over the land. But somehow in our stars. Definitely. Just axe Bill.

Yet another was the official skewing of the numbers, with orders from on high to count deaths as corona virus deaths if at all possible. Death following motorcycle accident plus corona virus infection? Corona virus death, baby. Has to be.

And, finally, yet another tell being the profound silence about the actual long-term effect on the economy. This nation's economy was basically kneecapped and no one . . . NO ONE . . . of any prominence stood up to count the cost of shutdown v. saving X number of lives. Good to save lives? Hosannah, hosannah. Good to destroy the economy? . . . crickets . . . . And now we're back to doing backflips over the stock market with a confused and desperate Federal Reserve.

[1] "The Pipeline, The Poison, & The Politics." By Tom Luongo, ZeroHedge, 9/5/20.



Economist Bastiat wrote of "What is not seen"... how many suicides? How many people died because they couldn't / didn't get medical care? And so on.

Nobody knows. More importantly, nobody cares - at least, not among TPTB.

Look, let's be "reasonable" - at the beginning of this we didn't know a lot about this virus. "Flatten the curve" made sense given the unknowns. But once it emerged as a useful tool to attack Trump, then it became mandatory to double-down.

Linda Fox said...

Honestly, the only thing for the average person to do is:
- Put aside some food/water/fuel
- Make your home more secure, whether that involves buying guns, putting up fences/alarms/getting a dog
- Balance your money - some in readily-available savings, some in long-term savings, some in cash (mix of US currency, coins, and - perhaps - silver/gold coins)
- Pay off your car and home, and don't take on unnecessary debt
- Learn some skills that would be useful if it's TEOTWAWKI - farming/gardening, food preservation, plumbing/electrical/alternative energy/carpentry/car repair/making liquor (don't think of it for consumption, but for medical use, and for barter)
- Get in shape - lose weight, for most of us, build up muscles/aerobic capacity/endurance
- Pray
- Get to know your neighbors, form watch groups

In other words, prepare to be your own resource. You will not be able to depend on government to save you.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Nitzakhon, the military's five-paragraph field order is a gem of orderly decision making for military operations. Weather, terrain, friendly and enemy units and strength, alternative approaches, logistics, civil-military considerations. Everything considered systematically and the commander needs only to say "Option B" and, voila, a decision about a particular course of action.

Here the people should be the "commander" and information should be presented to them with various pros and cons updated continually as new information comes in.

Did you see anything like that in the recent spasm? Answer: no. It was top down and here's the only solution. Contrary thinking not welcome and to be punished and covered up. ONE guy was offered up as THE authority.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Linda, that's the best option. The "system," to wit, any kind of societal response that does not involve cowardly surrender to anarchy and rank criminality is nowhere to be seen. Depending on a coherent political/cultural response is for fools since, for one thing, the presence of millions of hostile foreigner with a penchant for parasitism and rejection of the host culture is the number one objective of both political parties.