Thursday, September 3, 2020

You Shall Not Be Released...

     ...if the Democrats and their media handmaidens have anything to say about it:

     This past weekend we dropped a direct hit on the Democrat Party, their mainstream media and their coronavirus narrative and all hell broke loose.

     We’ve never seen anything quite like this. Democrats, their fake news media and their ‘fact checker’ allies were completely outraged over our post reporting that only 9,210 Americans died from the coronavirus alone. The rest of the coronavirus victims had different serious illnesses and co-morbidities.

     The other tens of thousands of COVID-19 deaths reported by the CDC have on average 2.6 other health conditions.

     Please read the whole article. Yes, it’s fairly long, but the details are important.

     What I’ve been calling The Pan[dem]ic (alternately, “The Pandemic”) may not have started out as a political tool, but it has most certainly developed into one. The Left hopes to use its ability to inflict “public health emergency” conditions – politically imposed penury and misery – upon millions of helpless Americans to achieve electoral advantage. Anything that undercuts the baseless fear of the Chinese Coronavirus a.k.a. the Wuhan Flu a.k.a. COVID-19 weakens the willingness of private citizens to comply with their “lockdowns” and mask mandates. Neither does it help the Left when their friends in high office, such as Nancy Pelosi, are caught disregaring the “emergency” rules to suit themselves.

     So the proliferation of the CDC’s revised COVID-19 figures is something the Left must prevent at all costs. They who dare to republish them for an audience that doesn’t already haunt the CDC’s website must be punished. Discussion is forbidden!

     A related development: I made an appointment to see my nurse-practitioner for a “wellness check” this coming Friday. She’s a good person, we get along famously, and I was looking forward to chatting with her again...but apparently I shan’t be permitted to do so. I was informed yesterday evening, by robocall, that I must wear a face mask if I want to be admitted to her practice. I immediately canceled the appointment.

     The day has come when physicians are too cowed by a trivial disease – a disease much less dangerous than ordinary influenza – to see patients under normal conditions. Why? Because the state medical-licensing board would take it amiss. Their licenses to practice might be pulled.

     There’s a certain evil logic to this. If the tyrants can’t keep medical personnel “on the reservation,” their whole scheme of oppression will collapse. So they use their licensing bludgeon to make sure no one with the power to prescribe veers off into freedom, that dangerous stuff.

     I got the same treatment from the optometrist I’ve been using for twenty years. I’ve done away with her, too.

     A current of rage is swelling. The conviction that we’ve been duped becomes more widespread with each day. The consequences will not be pleasant:

     It’s time to revolt against this pseudomedical tyranny. Indeed, it was time long ago. The longer we wait, the higher the ultimate cost will be.


JWM said...

Last night at dinner I glanced out the front window, and saw a woman with her two small children strolling down our street. The three of them were alone; no one was near them in the early evening cool. And yet they were all masked up like faceless sheep.
I could feel my gut tightening, and that horrible cascade of rage at the idiocy, pity for the brainwashed, and futility in the knowledge that I could not go up to them and say, "You don't need to subject yourself to this mortification. This is a farce, this is..."
I know better. YOU CAN NOT REACH THEM.

I feel like Kevin McCarthy's character in the penultimate scene from the old "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". He's seen his town taken over. He is near hysterical with exhaustion and fear, screaming at motorists on the highway. And no one will believe him.

Every day on line I read posts from people who are similarly horrified at this. I'm not the only one. How many times a day? How many people experience this? There is no statistic, no measure for the toll this takes on our individual and collective mental health.


James said...

Fran, do tell - from whom did this great quote ("Men who wanted to be left alone") come? I was hoping at the end of the article it would be noted. Could you fill us in?

James said...

Fran - please tell us, from whom did this great quote come? Yeah, I am one of dozens of men I know that are in "Leave me alone or I'll kill you" mode. Would love to know the source.

Andy Texan said...

The elected tyrants have locked arms with the appointed tyrants and the corporate oligarchs to smother our liberties; to conduct retail business in person without a show of obeisance. Free men are not required to bend the knee to conduct business. I am past the boiling point. I am afraid that physical revolt will be required to end this tyranny. I see no end in sight otherwise. Perhaps a small group of 8-12 people can coordinate an attack on one of the enemies retail stores: 'either they end the mask business or we wreck the interior'. Something, anything, to get their attention.

Francis W. Porretto said...

James: I don't know who wrote the text. I found the graphic on, and was impressed by it, as you can imagine. The truth it expresses had better be absorbed by our would-be oppressors before the match reaches the tinder.

YIH said...

In the FL county I live there is actually a "mask required" ordinance (complete with fines for non-compliance). It only applies to indoor spaces, outdoors no mask required. Though oddly enough I often see people wearing one outdoors (must be masochistic, in 95 deg. 95% humidity FL that must suck) or even in cars alone.
Mind you that mask does not protect you in any way from even the common cold let alone anything else. The whole point is like the "social distancing" is to protect others from you (assuming you even are positive for the disease in the first place).

squeeky's mom said...

To mask or not to mask. One one hand you see a wedding reception in Maine, one person not well left 147 people with covid. I live in western Ky and our county of 35K has 658 cases. County next to us with 67K has 540 cases. Our outbreak started in a nursing home with a sick aide not allowed to leave. So at 70 with 2 heart attacks but haven't had a cold or flu in more years than I can count. But, the last cardiac was 8 weeks ago. So do I want you to be masked? Not especially but I most definitely will not be getting close to you. Do I want to wear one? Nope, pain in the tushie but I can't enter any store in my area without one. My Doc does require a mask but he's had cancer 3 years ago so maybe that's his reason. Your health providers may have something they've never mentioned to you. My doc is also a personal friend so I may know more about him than his usual patients.