Monday, September 21, 2020

For Those Who Have the Interest, and Time

 A Book Club - mostly older books, that are important to read.

Many of you are widely read, and a lot more scholarly than I. But, I thought it might be helpful to have access to some of the older books (Gulag Archipelago? Witness? The Prince?), for the benefit of those of us who hadn't had that exposure to non-Leftist Thinking/Pre-Leftist Thinking.

I thought some sort of online discussion might be interesting - or, maybe, a Moodle (forum that allows for larger groups to be easily managed). I'm still working it out.

This will NOT be for those women who attend Book Clubs for gossip, personal discussion, and the wine - LOTS of wine.

For whatever reason, the link is not working properly - here is a link to the poll giving feedback on what books we can start with.


James said...

Miss Linda, please do follow through with this. You mentioned two books from my distant past (Gulag and Prince) that had a serious impact.

Something similar occurred to me a few years ago, a classic SF reading list. In some of the writings of A E Van Vogt a modern reader sees what we'd now call 3 D printing, the internet, tablet computers and video phone calls - from the early 1940s.

Gulag Archipelago told first hand the evils of Communism in disturbing detail. The Prince - evils of rule and power. Interesting that many "scholars" would not even consider these as classics.

I'm in.

Linda Fox said...

I'm going to be checking the poll later today. I'll send out some notices within the next week, giving some potential dates for meeting times.

Linda Fox said...

Click on the link just under the title of this post - that will take you to the linked post.
Scroll down to get the link for the poll.

Weetabix said...

The link takes me to my blog, oddly.

I'm interested.