Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Insight Is Where You Find It

     ...and I’ve found quite a lot at the blog of Mark “Mad Dog” Sherman. Today he gives us this bit of quotidian brilliance about the riots in Portland, Oregon:

     In the past, adults negotiated with time where if they worked hard, on productive endeavors, persevered over long periods, they could then stop working in about 40 years and live comfortably as they aged and their bodies decayed on the fruits of their youthful labor.

     The young Bernie/Biden bolsheviks today do not want to negotiate with time. They do not want to be productive. They believe they should be able to live as they want without the strictures of reality or society, limiting their violence and leisure.

     That might not capture the whole phenomenon, but it certainly explains a big chunk of it. Bravo, Mark.

     On this subject, look for a John Brunner short story titled “Wasted On The Young.” I found it illuminating, especially its depiction of the inevitable consequences of youth profligacy in a society that has decided to sanction it by law.


Maddog said...

Thanks, Francis, it is a blog, not a book. I've slowed this past year; no longer do I write 120,000 words per week; that was burn-out territory. I now try to pace myself.

Portland is a mess; the media lies; the politicians and DA are children playing dress-up in adult clothes. The police are hobbled. When the mob came for the Mayor, he decided not to send in the police to stop the riots; he decided he would move out of Portland, to escape the madness he facilitated.

I ride my moto through the city 5+ times per week just to keep my finger on the now-dead "pulse" of the city. There is no pulse; there is no Portland.

Let Portland burn. The Portlandian voters elected these imbeciles; it is time for them to reap the harvest of the wind they have sown.

Thanks for the link.

Keep up the excellent work.

Mark, er Maddog

Dusty said...

Thanks for the link to this excellent page! I subscribed to get more. Let the education begin for the 70 year old vet.