Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Will Women Doom Trump's Chances?

 According to this opinion at MSN, yes.

However, in the rational world, no.

Come on! Even the opportunity to stick it to Trump, AND to vote for the 1st Woman, evah to be elected President, couldn't put Clinton over the top. Even with massive ballot-stuffing, outright fraud, and multiple journalistic and political abuses of power, SHE STILL LOST.

And, Kamala (Comma-La) is no more appealing to voters than Hillary was. Maybe less.

For anyone to vote for Biden-Harris, they'd have to:

  • Be able to delude themselves that Joe was mentally competent.
  • Ignore the sleazy way that Harris got her JUMPED-start with Willie Brown as a - um - helping hand to her political career.
  • Ignore the connection between the Democratic Party and the BLM/AntiFa riots.
  • Not worry about driving the USA completely into bankruptcy. Not that difficult for Dems, they seem to be deficient in math skills.
  • Be unworried about the likelihood that the COVID lockdowns will completely trash the economy beyond repair.
  • Completely overlook the MANY Biden links to corruption, some of it through relatives, but some of it a personal problem.
  • Be happy about Harris being in position to take over the job. And, unconcerned about Pelosi being in the line of succession.
Now, ignoring reality is not that much of a stretch for Democrats - it's what fuels their rosy projections of a Unicorn-based economy with Rainbow Peace for All.

But, even Democrats have to be worried about the depths to which a Blue choice on the ballot could sink this country.


Francis W. Porretto said...

There's a lot of hopeful / wishful thinking going on about the upcoming election -- on both sides of the partisan divide. As bad as the Biden / Harris ticket looks, it could still win if the Democrats' ballot-stuffing / vote fraud campaign is adequately distributed across the "battleground" states. We who favor a second Trump term can't afford to be at all complacent.

But to the larger point: Yes, "a Blue choice on the ballot could sink this country" -- but millions of people will choose it anyway. Moreover, there are powerful forces, some of which are operating openly, that will work to delegitimize a Trump victory no matter how seemingly overwhelming. The point is most assuredly not "the greater good." Further inferences are left to the reader.


I agree with Francis.

My suspicion is that Trump will win YUUUUUUGE on election night. And then the "found ballot boxes" and mail-in ballots will start to roll in and, lo-and-behold, enough states will flip to Biden to get him the win.

Margaret Ball said...

"Democrats have to be worried..."? Sorry, not the ones I know. Their TDS overpowers whatever reasoning powers they might have had.



The TDS is at pathological levels. Intelligent and educated people whom I've known for years or even decades turn to blubbering incoherence whenever the word "Trump" passes their conscious awareness.

There's a person on LinkedIn who claims to be a "Constitutional Conservative" - when I challenge him on his support for Biden, he's "Trump unfit/unpresidential"... as though Biden's going to be closer to his world view than Trump.

Iowadawg said...

Sorry, the democrat base here in Iowa, and that includes my lovely wife and her family, all these democrat women in our little senior citizen community, will as usual vote straight ticket democrat!
Because, as my lovely wife and too many in her family say, dad and mom, our grandparents, and our great grandparents, were democrats and voted democrat no matter who it was.
Sad, but that is a reality most people to the right of center try to ignore.


HoundOfDoom said...

Ladies, be honest. It was nice at first to have your man around the house. Things got fixed, you got to talk a lot more, there was even some daytime cuddling now and then.

But after 6 months, the bloom is off the rose. His hygiene is falling off. Your friends can't come over, and he STILL won't pick up his socks.

It's time for him to get back to work - out of the house.

Biden promises you this will continue until a vaccine is finalized.

Vote Trump, and get that man out of the house.