Monday, September 28, 2020

Status quo September 28, 2020 Anno Domini.

We have also, for all practical purpose, jettisoned the entire corpus of international law and replaced it with "rules-based international order". In fact, I can only agree with Chris Hedges who, in his superb book the “Empire of illusions” and of the “triumph of spectacle”. [Speaks of the triumph of spectacle?] He is absolutely correct: not only is this a triumph of appearance over substance, and of ideology over reality, it is even the triumph of self-destruction over self-preservation.

There is not big “master plan”, no complex international conspiracy, no 5D chess. All we have is yet another empire committing suicide and, like so many before this one, this suicide is executed by this empire’s ruling classes.[1]

[1] "The World Has Gone Absolutely Insane!" By The Saker, The Unz Review, 9/25/20 (underlining added).


JWM said...

OT, but not OT:
Anonymous Conservative, home of R/K theory, and Q-anon links is gone. The bookmark gives only a white screen, "Access Denied" in tiny text at upper right. Not even a 404 message.
Regardless of what you may think of the whole Q thing, someone thinks it's dangerous enough to nuke the site from orbit.


Col. B. Bunny said...

This stuff is creepy. The issue I've noticed is the banishment of people who make even a passing mention of the efficacy of HCQ. Gone, gone. No agenda there. And the related amazing rise into national prominence of doctor/epidemiologist William Gates and his and Melinda's foundation. I thought Soros and Pelosi were the rulers over all creation but how wrong I was.

Four more years of Trump might be enough time for corrective measures to percolate into a full head of steam. If its the Klown Kouple we may reach the tipping point. In automotive terms, we're fast approaching the point of downward travel and no brakes.