Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Overburdened, Fatigued, And Disheartened

     That’s your humble Curmudgeon this morning. On such occasions it’s best that I refrain from bloviating in my usual idiom. So have a few links I found significant enough to use as jumping-off material...and would have used thus if I felt equal to the challenge of writing at all:

     Have a nice day. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.



For the friend-of-a-friend category.

There was supposed to be a HUGE protest in Ottawa re masks, etc. The person I know who was there, I trust. They trust the person who told them this. But giving that caveat... supposedly it was "just" going to be a cloudy day, but the second-hand source said they saw planes "dusting" the clouds.

Cloud seeding to make rain and depress turnout?

Master Guns said...

Do not be disheartened bon ami. Things here in deplorable land are very encouraging. The middle of the country is awakening. Many folks are forming mutual aid groups (not militias) to help each other in the coming festivities. I am old and not the warrior I was 30 years ago but I can train patriots in the art of defense of the home and hearth. My wife and I can help them with the skills and tactics they will need to survive. I view it as my duty to do so. I have never seen this level of seriousness and dedication to learn how to protect one's family. The folks here are preparing for the worst and do not intend to let the country vastly change without a fight. They are will armed and will protect their neighborhoods at all cost. If the left thinks this is going to be a cake walk they are sadly mistaken. May your spirits be lifted; you are not alone in this fight!Stay positive.