Friday, September 25, 2020

The War On Christianity Is Just A Myth!

     Oh, really?

     Police in Moscow, Idaho, arrested three people Wednesday for violating social distancing rules as their church sang hymns and Bible psalms outdoors — an event held, in part, to protest the city mayor’s mask mandate, which runs to January 2021.

     Officers arrested Gabriel Rench, Rachel Bohnet, and Sean Bohnet, according to Moscow Report, a local independent news outlet. A video uploaded to social media shows Bohnet, a local music teacher, and his wife telling officers they refused to comply with an inaudible order. Moscow Report says the apparent infraction is that they refused to show identification....

     Rench is a co-host of CrossPolitic, a Christian political talk show, and a candidate for county commissioner. “You guys should not be doing this,” he told officers as they walked him to a squad car. “And doing this kind of crap for the mayor, this is embarrassing. You guys are stronger than this.”

     In Idaho. IDAHO! Where I’d contemplating moving my family!

     Adrienne comments:

     You don't need a masters in political science to know this arrest was politically motivated. Rench is running for county commissioner, a job that carries quite a bit of clout. Obviously, the mayor of Moscow, Bill Lambert, a mask Nazi, is an enemy.

     Rench is running on "faith, family, and freedom." Yeah - good luck with that message in Moscow, Gabriel.

     Of course Moscow, Idaho is a “college town,” and such locales tend to be, shall we say, outside the mainstream of American thought. So I think I’ll amend my oft-repeated recommendation that we wall off all the colleges and universities in America and impose stringent border controls on them. Just a small change, really, but it could make a large difference in normal, decent people’s quality of life.

     Do it to the cities and towns that are home to them, as well.


Linda Fox said...

More importantly, as part of any voting qualifications, make those temporarily residing in a college town not eligible for voting, unless they show proof that they have disenrolled from their permanent address.
This should be standard for ALL who have dual residences. You cannot vote in the new location, unless you have disenrolled from the old one.

squeeky's mom said...

With as many times as I have moved states I'm sure I'm still on the rolls in Ca., Tx., Il., Ia.,etc. Wonder if I can check after the election? Are voter rolls on line?

JWM said...

Don't know if you've seen this yet, but it is must-read important.


Linda Fox said...

Squeeky’s mom - yes, quite easily. Enter requested info, and make sure that you are not still registered. If you are, your identity may be used fraudulent votes.