Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Military Coup Plot

 There's already been at least ONE coup (I'm referring to the effort to impeach Trump, facilitated by fabricated 'evidence' with connections to the FBI and the CIA).

This is different. There have been OPENLY circulated plans to bring down Trump, should he acquire a majority of the electoral votes. And, the military is considered a key component of that plan.

The framework for this effort was laid, long ago. During the Obama administration, do you remember the high numbers of officers removed, encouraged to retire, and pressured to leave? That, in addition to forcing the troops to prance around in heels, attend PC indoctrination, be punished for bringing in references to their Christian faith, and otherwise seem to be in opposition to the Democratic platform, left spaces for the Left to cram their SJWs into the spaces that opened up.

Prepare. For disruptions to banking, food supplies, communications. For riots that might trigger "temporary" gun restrictions. For no access to banks or your own money.

ALL of the above can be triggered without the Executive Branch taking a single step. 

  • The Federal Reserve - not a part of the Federal government - can impose rules that make it impossible for banks to function. And the price for returning to business might easily be freezes on dissidents' accounts.
  • The corporations can halt supplies to dissident cities.
  • The unions can stop the flow of trucks.
  • The companies, in combination with the bureaucrats, can stop non-approved communications (a simple command can lock down the sites that might provide resistance, whether through ISP, mobile service, or individual content provider sites). Anyone who thinks they are not already on a list is living in a dream world.
  • The Post Office lives in the Left's butt.
I'm going to buy a couple of burner phones today, in cash, at different stores. Just in case.

Also, gonna check to see whether my radio is completely charged up. And, finally buy that battery case that is for emergency use, should I not have access to power for a time.

Yeah, I'm finally getting really concerned. The fire is getting close enough to singe me.


Glen Filthie said...

Take heart, Linda, and top up your preps.

But... get used to the idea of ignoring the flames ... and concentrating on the arsonists. Sure, they can do all those things... but there are any number of countermeasures, and none of the guys responsible will like them.


Details on burner phones would be appreciated.

Linda Fox said...

Glen, thanks for that reminder - it's true, we must not get distracted by side noise.

Nitzakhon - a 'burner' is a no-name brand phone, with preloaded minutes, and often a SIM card preinstalled.

Here's some directions - the level of anonymity you chose is up to you.