Sunday, September 20, 2020

Jim Caviezel's New Movie

 The title says it all - "Infidel".

That's what Iran, and many other countries, consider us.


Enemies of the State.


The movie, about a person who has to CHOOSE to affirm his faith, in the face of persecution, is opening at AMC theaters on October 2, in my local area. I'm putting the link to that company here - I think they should be supported, not only for having the guts to show this, but also because, in many places in the USA, they are the ONLY theater that has opened.

Caviezel showed a lot of guts, when he tackled The Passion of the Christ. Not only did he do a bang-up job of acting, but he also put his commitment to the film's message on the line, in interview after interview, promoting it for months.

In this video clip, he talks about the physical challenges he had in the Christ movie. Then, he discusses what is meant by CHOICE, from the basis of the movie's story. Then, and this was unexpected to me, he talks about Reagan's famous speech - A Time for Choosing.

I tried to get the link from YouTube, but the clip that is there cuts off the end, about Reagan (Now, don't THINK it's intentional, but....).

However, if you watch it from The Gateway Pundit, it works.

And, just for those of you who, like I, actually never heard the original Reagan speech.

Now, it's strong medicine - and,  NOT to be taken as Holy Writ. However, SOME of it is applicable, even now - right to property, too much regulation, taxation too high. I'm not in favor of military intervention in most of the world. 

I think Trump is clever enough to avoid an open war with China. And, FWIW, I think China is MUCH weaker than is believed. That's not always a GOOD thing - a weakened enemy may decide to through everything into the pot, and aggressively attack (Essentially, the plot behind several Tom Clancy novels).

But, China is better situated, and sufficiently cautious, to USE their surrogates to fight their war in the US. The FAANGs, tech titans, the unions, and the money men (those that control investments, banks, and large corporations, all dependent on government goodies and favorable legislation/regulations to survive).

Oh, and the MANY NGOs - non-government organizations - mostly foundations, to you and me.

That's lined up against us.

On our side?

People of good will, good sense, and a strong awareness of the safety of their own hides. The non-brass military (minus the REMFs). Christians. Business owners (who have seen the lack of regard the Left has for their possessions). And a small, but growing number of LEGAL immigrants and non-White citizens with jobs or businesses.

Will that be enough? God, I hope so.


daniel_day said...

Your links are bollixed. 1st one goes to where the 2nd one was probably intended, 2nd one goes to the ozone.

Paul Bonneau said...

I wonder about people who go on about China. Is it real or is it just neocon propaganda? Is what the Chinese government (as opposed to the people) not just doing the same sorts of things the US government used to do 50 years ago? And is still attempting to do? Are Chinese aggressions really worse than US operations in Belarus, Ukraine and Afghanistan, and Iraq?

I keep getting back to the fact that neither the Chinese nor Russian government ever did me any harm. It's the US government that harms me on a daily basis. Who is our real enemy?

(Note: the Chinese government DID harm my wife's family, who were driven out by the communists in the 1950's. But the US government harms her, mostly through taxes, every day, right now.)