Saturday, September 5, 2020

Public Service Announcements Dept.

     Shamelessly stolen from Mike Miles at Ninety Miles From Tyranny:

     Take it to heart, Gentle Reader. Off with the masks!

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JWM said...

The masking sparks a rage in me like nothing that has come before it. I've posted about it many times, here and elsewhere across the internet. This meme hits the target. Every day I put in my 10-20 miles on the fat tire bike, and I see the pathetic faceless zombies trudging the paths alone. As of late, my temper is slipping the leash. I've become a rolling Jeckyl and Hyde. I flash a big smile, give a thumbs up, and a "Good morning" to every unmasked individual I pass. The faceless get the nastiest glare I can muster. (and at 68 years of age I do nasty pretty well.) They cannot respond. They cannot convey a facial expression through the rag. When I see those who pull up the mask at my approach I look them straight in the diaper, and loudly say, "That was PATHETIC!" I've dropped nasty comments on people many times.

Yeah, JWM. That's just all kinds of immature on your part.

Maybe so. And maybe it's a good way to get socked. But the sneer, the disgust, and the outbursts, are not planned, not calculated. They are spontaneous, beyond my control in the same way that a mouthful of something rotten sparks the gag reflex. Every day I pray for forbearance. I make an honest effort,sometimes recite the serenity prayer like a mantra. It does little good. I'm boiling over.