Friday, September 18, 2020

Partisanship - How it Differs From How Normal People Function - With UPDATES!

 I was reading Cold Fury today, and found this post on Partisanship, and how it has changed America.

Most Normal people don't organize their opinions and thinking around the 'acceptable viewpoints on every topic'. We pick our positions, not on a rigid philosophical basis, but on the question:

How does this affect ME?

 Now, I acknowledge that this is not a highly intellectual way to look at issues. Heck, it's not even SLIGHTLY cerebral.

What is it, though, is a way of thinking about the world that makes SENSE.

The average American does not vote the Straight Party Ticket. Instead, we are willing to listen to a variety of viewpoints and approaches to governing, often picking our choices by selecting "someone I can trust to do the right thing". It is such an approach that nearly sank Trump's campaign in some states, as the media drumbeat cast major doubts on his trustworthiness, particularly with women.

We didn't know that much about his life, other than what hit the tabloids. Our experience with his business ventures was limited to big successes and epic failures. The voters generally prefer the candidate who can keep America on an even keel.

It's four years later. Despite the constant criticism and emotional screams of the Left, most people have learned that Trump is NOT a tyrant, nor an incompetent, nor a slacker.

He hasn't enriched his family - in fact, some of them have seen their businesses suffer from the boycotts, investigations, and abuse of the Left.

He hasn't had wild orgies, over-the-top entertainment extravaganzas, or lavish vacations on the public dime.

He's not flouted court orders; when he disagrees with a court's decision (whether on a policy, or in handling his personal affairs), he's brought in the lawyers. Lots of lawyers,

He hasn't engaged in wholesale firing of people (other than his personal lawyers). He generally gives people second chances, holding off on forcing their exit until their disloyalty or incompetence is evident. He has let his executive staff manage their own departments (although often with some public criticism, should they fail him in a big way).

Despite provocation in Seattle, Portland, and other cities by the "peaceful protesters", he hasn't sent in armed men to put a smack-down on them. He DID federalize local officers, to allow Federal arrests to be made, despite the governors' failure to act.

But, no, not a tyrant. Not inept. Generally, a fairly decent administrator, and operating within the Constitution.

Such action have ENRAGED the Left, mostly because he hasn't fallen into their trap of being heavy-handed.

How have ordinary citizens reacted?

With support. With a willingness to consider voting for him. With increasingly suspicious of media 'narratives' (which will come in HUGELY when the inevitable October 'surprise' is released). With lessened hostility.

The tepid and sparse crowds for Joe Biden are a reflection of his weak appeal (as well as disinclination to vote for an obviously addled candidate).

Harris was a surprise to me. I didn't really like her, but I thought others might.

Surprise, surprise. People DON'T warm up to her. She looks like a lightweight, who got their the old-fashioned Leftist way - on her knees.

Even my husband, a man with an eye for hot women, and a reliable Dem vote, doesn't like her - at all.

Black men don't like her. At least, the ones I've talked to.

I don't pay that much attention to political spouses, other than to note - does he/she seem to respect the candidate? If they don't, that's a danger sign (they know them very well, so if they don't have, at the least, respect for that person, maybe they know something I don't).

Have you noticed that Kamala's husband is seldom seen? Could that be because he is 'inconveniently' White?

Not as bad as a White wife - which seems to ENRAGE Black women. But, still, not a plus.

Back to partisanship. The absence of that in most Americans may favor Trump. Many will split their votes, and re-elect Trump/Pence.

That won't stop the Left, but it may slow them down a little, particularly since The Donald, as Ivana used to call him, may have coattails.

UPDATE: I found this related post on American Thinker. Check it out, you may well see someone you know who has the type of thinking mentioned in it.

And, forgive the changes, but I thought this both an appropriate characterization, but also well-written.

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Paul Bonneau said...

Trump is now "the devil you know". Also, possibly a factor not considered before, he provides a lot of entertainment value, via leftist tears.

Of course, a lot of people hate him, but it is possible to vote for someone you hate, if the alternative looks potentially disastrous. And people know that a lot of the hate is driven by trivial reasons, such as his manner of speaking. Trivial reasons are easily ignored, when in the election booth.