Friday, September 18, 2020

Culture, and How Monogamy Improves Society as a Whole

 I was reading Assistant Village Idiot, and he was writing about the Hajnal Line, the geographic line in Europe that separates those cultures that, generally, do NOT marry along kinship lines, AND have a high degree of monogamy. Those two factors are considered responsible for the extraordinary level of societal and economic success of that Western European peoples (the dreaded White People of current infamy).

Admission: I'm nearly 100% of that genetic heritage, myself - English, Irish, Scottish, Low Country and Germanic, and French, with a smidge of Scandanavian - at least, that's what both 23 & Me and Ancestry say.

So, I'm inclined to favor that cultural tradition.

Because of NOT marrying along kinship lines, the WestEuros tend to be less involved in the drama and togetherness of those types of relationships. That makes them well-suited to striking out into new territory, living in isolated communities, and life in the hills (all of which different groups of my ancestors did in different generations). We were early migrants to America, and traveled to the OH/PA/WV region (where most of us stayed for several hundred years).

In the later part of the 20th century, and continuing through the 21st, we've spread out more widely. I have cousins in 6 states, and, even in the states where many are located, we aren't bunched up.

So, what's the advantage of that?

Opportunity. The ability to pick up and move is critical in a marginal society. It means that you and your family aren't at the mercy of local conditions, or the largess of M'lord, to survive and thrive.

The other tradition is monogamy. It keeps a society from having incels and playboys, who do not form families. That leads to greater cooperation among men, a factor leading to a strong community and ability to fend off invaders. More stable families are more prosperous, raise healthier families (both physically and mentally/emotionally).

In short, both conditions are good for the society overall.

Now, the effect of a less densely populated community group - what many of those descended of these heritage lines prefer to live in - has other effects. For all that 'The Village' is promoted by the SJW types, it has a major drawback.

When women live in close quarters with other women, they compete within that womanly arena. They gossip and jockey for status. They compete sexually - which leads to unfaithfulness, and a crack in the monogamous culture. They often act to isolate some of the women who don't bow down to the leaders of the group, a tactic that women engage in that can lead to depression, anxiety, and even suicide in their victims (and, to some degree, in their victim's families, too).

Rather than being Queen of her own castle, in a more dense environment, women revert to non-Hajnal behaviors that are detrimental to the smooth functioning of their community.

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