Saturday, September 12, 2020

Mask Slippages Dept.

     I’d say they’re all the way off now:

     On the 19th anniversary of the horrific radical Islamic terror attack on September 11, 2001, Black Lives Matter activists on Twitter tried to mock people who say “All Lives Matter” and “Never Forget 9/11.”

     The hashtag “#AllBuildingsMatter” started trending on Twitter after stand-up comic Wale Gates shared a segment from Saturday Night Live cast member Michael Che’s Netflix series from 2016. Che used All Buildings Matter to mock those who insist that America should “Never Forget” September 11 and those who respond to the Black Lives Matter movement with the slogan “All Lives Matter.”

     “‘Black lives don’t matter,’ that’s not what they say. That’s not the argument,” Che explains in the video. “They hit you with that slick sh*t. Well, ‘All Lives Matter.’ Really? Semantics?”

     “That would be like if your wife came up to you and was like, ‘Do you love me?’ And you were like, ‘Baby! I love everybody, what are you talking about? I love all God’s creatures, what are you saying? You’re no different,'” Che quipped.

     Then the SNL actor compared the historic struggles of black Americans to the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.

     “Why do black people always have to get over sh*t so quickly?” he asked. “Slavery. ‘Oh that was 400 years ago.’ Segregation. ‘You guys got black history month out of it. Come on, we gave you February.’ Police shooting. ‘That was two weeks. Come on, you still? Still?’ 9/11. ‘Oh, Never Forget.'”

     “That’s why, this September, I’m getting a t-shirt that says, ‘All Buildings Matter.’ Now you see how that works,” Che quipped.

     Please read it all. Thank you, Tyler O’Neil, for that excellent though enraging article.

     Why yes: this “Michael Che” clown is black. But don’t doubt for a moment that the hard-left, mostly-white producers at Netflix and the similarly inclined promoters of “Saturday Night Live” approve of his sentiments. Those who disapprove are probably unwilling to say so, for fear of their jobs.

     It’s become entirely obvious that if there’s a group to whom “black lives” don’t matter, it’s American blacks. The overwhelming majority of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks. Black “community leaders” dare not say anything about it: some for fear of ostracism; others for fear of much, much worse. And of course, when their children are accused of lawbreaking, black parents reflexively do what they can to shield them from the legal consequences rather than cooperate with the justice system.

     But over whose deaths do these “black lives matter” activists riot?

  • Trayvon Martin
  • Michael Brown
  • Freddie Gray
  • Rayshard Brooks
  • George Floyd

     Criminals, one and all. Think about that.

     Mocking and disparaging Americans’ reaction to the most horrific assault ever perpetrated on American soil – an assault that took nearly three thousand lives, using hijacked airliners, at that – won’t win Michael Che any new admirers. But it does make quite plain where his allegiance lies. Striving to stir up ill will under the guise of “comedy” makes it inarguable.

     I wonder which door Michael Che would choose, were he to be informed in short, simple words what lay beyond each of them? And I have begun to wonder, were I in the position of Colonel John MacKenzie in that scenario, whether I’d be tempted to misinform him?

     A wave is building. It’s been building for some time and had already risen high before the “Black Lives Matter” riots. Decent American blacks had better decide, and quickly, whether they’d rather act to halt its escalation – by taking their own hatred-filled, violence-inclined members in hand and disciplining them – or allow it to peak and crash down on them. There isn’t much time left.

     (NB: A comparable situation confronts American Muslims. The fulminations of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are bringing matters to a head in that venue, too. Be warned.)

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