Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Ballots Sent Does Not Mean Returned

 Look, I'm a retired teacher. I've sent home a LOT of stuff:

  • Lab Safety Forms for parents to sign that they reviewed the rules with their kids, and agreed that the kid would comply. Failure to return meant that the kid couldn't participate in labs.
  • Permission forms for field trips
  • Lunch applications
  • Interim reports/grade reports
  • Information about their kid's behavior, failure to be prepared, or other issue
  • School Discipline Code - needed to have acknowledgement sent back
  • Info about school dances, proms, talent shows, etc.
What percentage returned the forms without having to be reminded - sometimes, more than 6 times, which included notice to the kid, letter home, and phone calls?

Maybe 30% returned the form without needing at least ONE reminder. I would sometimes have to make contact more than 4 times before the form finally arrived.

Now, the first form came via the kid. So, a lot of them rested in backpacks, never seen. But, I also made contact via multiple means, and it STILL required my time and energy spent on repeated contacts, before the form arrived.

So, what are the chances that all, or even most, of the ballots will arrive to save Sleepy Joe's bacon?

Look, some of them will be 'harvested'. Others will be filled by those rabid anti-Trump maniacs.

But, a lot of them will be set aside, and lost. It's understandable - people get busy, and not-quite-life-threatening actions don't get taken.

I've been there. When you have a choice between returning a form, and dealing with life-and-death issues, the form can go hang.

But, I have a sneaky suspicion that SOME of these ballots will either be incomplete, not returned, or - and this is what makes me wake up smiling - returned with TRUMP as the choice.

Yes, even for those who had reliably voted D every year.

I have other things on my mind - I just finished an important insurance agent test, and am pushing my way through all of the other paperwork/testing that needs to be filled out - EVERY YEAR! The deadline is near the end of September, so I'm focused on that, right now.

That still leaves a month to worry, prepare, and volunteer (particularly for driving those needing a ride - VERY important). Pray hard, trust in God, and keep a hand on your weapons.


Brock Townsend said...

Pray hard, trust in God, and keep a hand on your weapons.

Indubitably. :)

daniel_day said...

That's an interesting point that had not occurred to me. Thank you.