Sunday, September 20, 2020

Get the Popcorn!

 Was reading the Chicago Boyz today, and found a comment.

I'm always surprised at the cluelessness of the Anglo Elite, who blithely assume that ALL the Brown/Black peoples (POCs) will naturally make common cause against the White People.

Wrong. Most of the Hispanics absolutely HATE the Black population, and only tolerate them when they stay away from their neighborhood, and women. If they think that the Spanish-speaking/descended will vote for the party that is burning up neighborhoods, making travel to their jobs difficult (most of that crowd are HARD workers), and attacking cops that are like them, the Left are nuttier than they look.

And, they look pretty nutty to us.



My wife is Kazakh - i.e., Asian. If I didn't know her and passed her on the street I'd have guessed Chinese. Interestingly, her sister has a much rounder face and, based on appearance, I'd have guessed Korean if I didn't know better. Short story at the end.

When she came here and started meeting black people for the first time in her life, she quickly came to the conclusion that they still have a slave mentality. We haven't spoken about it specifically for a few years, but I'm pretty sure she's of the same opinion. She's certainly NEVER said "I've changed my mind".

So I concur: a LOT of "brown" people don't like blacks. And channeling notables like Candace Owens and others, a lot of black people are calling out the ghetto blacks as well. And in parallel, a lot of blacks - again, citing notables like Kim Klacik, are getting a firm picture that white liberals only care for them when it's election time, and otherwise black communities can go F themselves. In particular, they see a LOT of white liberals cheering on the thugs, and working with the thugs, that are destroying their neighborhoods.

Dave said...

"If there's going to be a race war out of all this, it will be Black and Brown, and White sitting on the sideline, mostly avoiding the blood splatters."

Assuming some Whites don't start -helping- the Browns...


Forgot the story.

My wife was studying at one of the local universities. I was too. For a few weeks our classes overlapped, so we'd drive together with a sitter watching the progeny.

My classes always got out earlier than hers, so I'd wait for her to pick me up. So there in the lobby is a young Asian woman. Not surprising considering there are a lot of Chinese students at this school. Conversationally I ask "From China?"

"No, I'm from a country you've never heard of."

Uh huh. "OK, try me."


"Know it. Where in Kazakhstan?"

"West Kazakhstan."

"OK, what town in West Kazakhstan?" At this point she's looking at me with bug eyes.

"A town called Uralsk."

"Oh, my wife grew up about 50 miles from there, in ."

Blew. Her. Mind. :)

There's more, but it'd give away too many personal/identifying details.

They talked for several minutes when my wife showed up, but there was no follow-up - they never reached out despite my wife doing so several times.

tkdkerry said...

This rings true from my experience. Step granddaughter here in Wichita told us virtually all the fights in her high school involved blacks and Hispanics. Rarely were whites involved.

RJL said...

Hispanics always considered themselves white, not brown. The "Browning" of hispanics is an innovation of the last 50 years, courtesy of the radical leftists who purposely set out to change this to incite more diversity and discord in society and to infect them with a minority victim mentality. I think hispanics hatred of blacks in general arises partly from this dynamics, as despite leftist orthodoxy most hispanics identify with whites.