Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Educrats Cannot Be Trusted

     Perhaps the college-level ones are the worst of all:

     I received a disturbing note from one of my radio show listeners the other day about a political science lesson that was presented to students at Appalachian State University in North Carolina.

     “The Moral Foundations” questionnaire probed student opinion on some highly charged political statements. Students were asked to either strongly agree, agree, strongly disagree or disagree.

     “If a few of the worst Republican politicians were assassinated, it wouldn’t be the end of the world,” read one of the statements. “Conservatives are morally inferior to liberals.”

     “I am in favor of allowing the government to shut down right-wing internet sites and blogs that promote nutty, hateful positions,” read another. “Political violence can be constructive when it serves the cause of social justice.”

     I reached out to the university’s media relations department as well as the chairman of the government and justice studies program. I gave them 48 hours to respond and provide some context for the lesson. So far, they have not replied to my inquiries.

     Mind you, this “Questionnaire” is being presented to political science students at a state-run, state-supported university. While it does phrase its propositions as “Agree or Disagree,” the relentlessness with which they’re phrased to make hatred and violence of conservatives and Republicans sound acceptable – even mainstream – has terrifying implications.

     Play the Turn-Around Game: Imagine that questionnaire rewritten to target Democrats and the Left. Do you find it thinkable that such a thing would receive university sanction? Do you find it plausible that there would be no outcry against it from the Left?

     I hope none of my Gentle Readers is sending a child to such a “college.”



This is what happens when you have DECADES of drip-drip-drip of "conservatives are evil". And they're just following Alinksy: The community organizers opponents must be depicted as evil (paraphrased from memory).


And rereading...

It's a very short step from Conservatives being MORALLY inferior to liberals to "We must rid the world of this great evil called Conservatives."

A frighteningly short step.