Saturday, September 5, 2020

Just When You Begin to Forget How Cray-Cray They Are

 ...they remind you. The pile-on that followed a reasoned argument is head-shakingly baffling. The alleged offense Is composed of trivial points.

And, yet, they persist - in being total lunatics

And, in other news, the stock market is plunging. Now, more suspicious people (not I, of course) might wonder whether this is a manipulated down-burst, designed to do several things:

  • Cause a panic in the market
  • Profit from the down-market, by buying up companies (but, only an evil person would even THINK of that)
  • Give the debate moderators something to hammer Trump on - "why should people vote for you, as your policies have OBVIOUSLY failed to revive this economy?"
  • Affect the early voting, mail-in voting, and - if whoever is responsible manages to milk it for the next two months - the in-person voting

Now, there probably is no one who could even think of doing such a nefarious act.

Who, him?

Now, just because he did it before - right before the 2008 election - doesn't mean that he's trying a replay.

Here's a better explanation of how it happens.

Frankly, we're going to have to grit our teeth, and ignore the attempted trashing of the American economy, and vote regardless. If we don't, we're just asking for the same thing to happen every four years, if the GOP candidate doesn't roll over and play dead (like McCain did).

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