Saturday, September 26, 2020

This Trend Will End In Genocide

     Does anyone else remember Cannon Hinnant? No? I mean, why would you? He was just a five-year-old. Hadn’t been nominated for an Oscar. Couldn’t smack the ball out of the park. No hits on Top 40 radio. Just the innocent victim of a vicious black murderer.

     Well, now Cannon Hinnant is not alone:

     The media reacts quickly and with righteous indignation when a black person is shot by police, or by someone white, no matter what the facts of the case are.

     But far too often, even in the most heinous of cases, when the perpetrator is black and the victim or victims happen to be white, the headlines and reporting are not anywhere near the same.

     We have seen it in the case of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant, who was executed by a black man in August, and we are seeing it again in the death of a 4-year-old white child in a targeted attack by a black man, WKBN reported.

     The shooting occurred in Struthers, Ohio, on Monday at around 1:55 a.m., Four adults were also shot and are hospitalized: Andre Stephon McCoy, Jr., 20, Yarnell Green Jr., 30, Cassandra Marsicola, 20, and Alexis Schneider, 22, of Struthers.

     The suspect, 24-year-old Kimonie Bryant, turned himself in to police after a massive manhunt began to find him.

     How many more such killings will occur before white Americans decide they’ve had enough? Is the media’s policy of concealing them founded on the fear that allowing the public to learn of them would trigger a bloodbath? Should they continue such concealment much longer, a bloodbath will be guaranteed. Word, as we know, eventually gets out.

     Decent, law-abiding blacks must step up and discipline their unruly co-racialists. The time they have left to do so is running short.


Paul Bonneau said...

"Decent, law-abiding blacks must step up and discipline their unruly co-racialists."

A fine sentiment, but one wonders about how to implement it.

I have gotten on the separation bandwagon. I think that would work. Maybe not perfectly (nothing human is perfect), but good enough.

Keep in mind though, in a nation of 340 million, there will always be some person committing some outrage, somewhere.

jim reibel said...

This does not pass the smell test. Please check the linked post. Event occurred at 0155 hours. Victim is 4 years old. Young people named do not have same surname as the grieved father. I smell a drug related shooting not a wanton execution like NC.

We learned from the Taylor fiasco that choices have consequences. She chose to associate with the wrong type of "boyfriend" and was collateral damage. I think that this is similar. An innocent 4 year old boy is with his mother who is either doing drugs or involved in their distribution. A disgruntled client decides to make his objections to the business model of the proprietors files his violent complaint and the child is shot and killed. Unfortunately, he did not make the choice his mother did, but he is just as dead as if he had. The mother should be prosecuted for reckless endangerment while the shooter is prosecuted for murder/manslaughter, whatever the DA thinks can be proved before a jury.

We will see where the facts lead. I have to throw the flag on our curmudgeon for unnecessary emotional response on this one. Something like this needs a reasoned response not a hysterical (use intentional) one.

Jim Reibel

Francis W. Porretto said...

Irrelevant, Jim. 1:55 AM or not, surname differences or not, drug-related incident or not, a black thug invaded someone else's home and killed a four-year-old white boy -- and the mainstream media are doing their best to hush it up. There's no disagreement about that. While the crime is heinous enough. it's the suppression of the news that will bring about a bloodbath.

The "reasoned response" to this is the complete separation of the black race from the white and Asian races. Not because of this one incident but because of the ever-increasing frequency of them. 93% of interracial felonies are black attacks on white victims. Decent persons can no longer deem themselves secure in places where significant numbers of blacks are roaming about. Consider your flag picked up.