Thursday, September 17, 2020

So, AntiFa is Not Just Random People who HAPPEN to Be Passionate About Politics

But a committed, loosely confederated group of people, who act in a coordinated way, and with similar tactics and organizational strategies. They've clearly been trained by people operating from the same playbooks.

Not that it's a surprise, just nice to have some confirmation about the suspicions.

There are two branches of this organization:

  • The rovers, who travel from city-to-city, teaching the tactics, and having 2 agendas - to openly promote 'peaceful' protest, and to teach others to spark the more violent activities, mostly after dark. They are careful to maintain their distance from actual crimes, using others to vie for attention in competitive destruction. They have been coordinating this through radio communication (a FEDERAL crime, if used to facilitate an illegal action), and use of light bars to direct movement. They have passed out lasers, helmets, weaponry, and managed the staging of various 'improvised' weapons - bricks, chains, bicycle locks, shields, skateboards, etc.
  • The locals, who are 'the face' of the peaceful movement. What do they get out of this? They are able to build a power base, from which to launch careers in public life, or move into corporate America, as a SJW hire. Sometimes, both. For them, it's important to stand apart from actual crimes/violence, for deniability purposes.
A side note: I'd not read The Flight 93 Election Before (I think it was behind a paywall, then). It's here, and it hammers down on the 3 main points to vote for Trump:
  • War - we DON'T need to be in another one. Sending in Americans to fight the battles of business is not only pointless, but wasteful of some of our best people.
  • Trade - we need to stop facilitating losses on the balance of it. Other countries play the USA's policies for their own benefit - no surprise, given how much those countries pay off the elected officials. I like Trump's quid pro quo stance - if you play fair with us, we're good. If your trade policies unfairly give you a let up - WHILE KEEPING YOUR MARKETS CLOSED TO US - we're imposing tariffs.
  • Immigration - we need to choke off illegal immigration - it's both killing job opportunities for Americans, but also unfairly favoring the big corporations at the expense of their competitors. Even if we return all those currently illegally here (including some of the MANY who have overstayed visas), it will be years before we can have our system back to stability and fairness. Trump's done one very good move here - he's appointed judicial members who ultimately have the potential to rein in the out of control district courts.
The main point of the article is that NO OTHER CANDIDATE HAD EMBRACED ALL OF THOSE POSITIONS - and they were core to the idea of Conservatism. Note that all of the above principles have the same common sense basis - we're in favor of less government, UNLESS someone puts their fingers on the scale, and disadvantages Americans. Then, the President can act, to restore the status quo. Once that happens, it's fine to return to less intervention by government.


Bigus Macus said...

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) , Antifa , BLM are all cut from the same cloth and are fully supported by and backed by the Democrats. And where has the FBI & the DOJ been this whole time? I know it's a rhetorical question that we all know the answer for already.

ontoiran said...

I'm glad you made the distinction between and conservatives. most republicans are only against illegal immigration at election time.