Sunday, September 20, 2020

Slime Mold 'Learning' and Current Events

 I've been watching this show on the science of slime mold.

No, not yucky - highly fascinating.

One thing researchers have been investigating is how slime molds learn:

  • Where food is located, and how to return to the food source through the shortest route.
  • That a slightly-distasteful pathway (with a salty surface) is not harmful, and can be ignored.
  • That slime molds can transfer that learning to new parts of the organism.

Now, what's the link to politics?

The individual organisms in the Leftist/BLM/AntiFa groups - although loosely affiliated - act much as the actually-not-thinking slime molds do.

They sense their environment. They learn to respond in specific ways. They can be directed with simple signals (light-bars, for example). They can move forward as a group. They can flee when threatened, or respond with attack, given appropriate signals.

The riots have been used to train the mob. They have learned to act in ways that please their leaders, and to risk self for the good of the group. They even use other organisms (the rioters) to deflect attention from their actions, or to achieve their aims without personal risk.

What am I saying?

The actual riots/protests have been - so far - unimportant, except as they were used, to train the participants in compliance to the orders of the leaders. They are training their armies to act together.

Don't underestimate them.


furball said...

Thanks, Linda. I almost never have anything new to say, so I don't comment much.

I appreciate your writing and am glad you're here.

Tim Turner (NOT the Tim Turner at PJM or other places. Except for Bill Whittle dot com, I am furball321.)

Mike Smith said...

Exactly: Underestimate BLM Inc ™ at your own risk.

Ms Linda is correct - the peaceful protests thus far are exactly that. Relatively peaceful compared for what these training exercises will yield in the coming months.

Jimmythetriger said...

Remember the words from the woodshed. Stay away from large crowds. Firing position at a distance is best.