Monday, September 7, 2020

What Makes the Left Fascist?

 It's not merely their use of thugs to create chaos in the cities - although, yes, the Fascists of Germany and Italy had that practice.

It's not merely their use of symbolic flags, uniforms, and insistence on the public conforming with physical displays of allegiance (kneeling, saluting with closed fist).

It's not merely the acceptance of violence (indeed, the joyous use of it to intimidate and cow non-believers).

But, it's also the melding of a select few of the bigger corporations and extremely wealthy individuals into their scheme to take over. The tech companies and their owners/largest shareholders, the media giants, the biggest universities, the heads of foundations, and many of the Fortune 500 companies' leadership - all have allied with the Left, for the most base reason. That reason is that the restrictions, laws, and rules will not apply to them. Either formally, with exceptions to laws and regulations, or informally, by declining to enforce them against favored groups, they will not have to operate with the same constraints as their competitors.

In the rush to blame the military apparatus of the Fascists, modern historians neglect the part played by the largest companies, who made their deal with the Devil for the advantage it gave them in the market.

Just like is happening with corporations and the Left today.


Paul in Boston said...

This is known as “Corporatism” Mussolini’s preferred form of socialism, in fact, the name he gave his political platform. If you can’t read Italian to learn the entire program, just find Elizabeth Warren’s policy papers.

Linda Fox said...

Good point about Warren